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One day ago

Lucas Fresck piloted the hardsuit through the crowded streets. A very sneaky man by the name of Renan had been plotting to steal data from the government for a little while now. Renan thought he was still in the shadows, lost in the wires of Atomnet. But he’d been found out quite some time ago. It was time for him to get what he deserved. A flechette to the heart. Lucas turned towards an alley, ready to go into unknown territory. Suddenly, something new appeared on his list of objectives. The police had detected a digital anomaly nearby, and Renan was on hold for now. Lucas turned the hardsuit towards the new location, and clomped off towards a derelict building.

The hardsuit bashed down an old door and entered the building, unsure of what to expect. He was still surprised by what he saw. The room was filled with servers, all offline and covered in dusty sheets. He went farther inside. It was dim and quiet. He checked the room for an input. There was a terminal that was online. He ran a virus scan, cautious. It came up as clean. He opened the windshield of the hardsuit, and got out. He pulled a cord from the inside, and ran it along the ground until he reached the small computer, sitting in a corner. He plugged it in, and waited as the hardsuit and terminal spooled and connected. He sat down at the terminal, and waved the mouse. The monitor came on, its surface caked in dust.

Lucas sifted through its files. There wasn’t a whole lot on these servers, it seemed. Just some update requests and diagnostic checks. Then something caught his eye. It was a little folder, buried in the document files. He clicked it open. Now here was something interesting. He read down the files.


The End

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