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A sudden crash sounded behind them. They both looked to the source of the commotion. It was the hardsuit. It began to clomp forward, its metal feet like the hooves of a demon. Its guns were making a clicking sound, out of ammunition. Why had it not refilled at a police station? Suddenly, the hardsuit charged, realizing its depleted guns were to no effect. Apple climbed onto a ladder and Renan dove out of the way as it barreled into a wall. It emerged from the wreckage, not a moment later. Its smooth, white plating was scratched and dented from the impact. It had a strange sound coming from it, like the waiting tone on an old telephone. It raised one of its arms above Renan, the barrel of its gun like the tip of a spear. Renan was dazed, but he managed to roll to the side as the arm of the hardsuit took a chunk out of the concrete. It prepared another strike, this time with its foot.

Apple took out Renan’s handgun and plugged the machine twice. It looked up, and swatted at her. She scrambled up the ladder before it had a chance to hit her. Renan got up and ran out of the alley, and straight into a squad of police. The hardsuit was in close pursuit. It alarmed the police just as much as Renan. They took their attention off him.

“Rogue pilot!” They yelled. One of them called for backup, before shooting at the quickly advancing hulk of aluminum and carbon fiber. Its waiting tone sounded more like a roar. It swatted the policeman away. A dropship arrived, and another hardsuit dropped from its harness on the underside of the smooth vessel. It was a different model, a larger hardsuit with different arms. One was a three fingered hand, and the other a lance-gun. It was an energy weapon, with a bundle of wires attached to a huge tank on its back. It took aim and fired a white laser at the smaller hardsuit. The laser cleaved off one of its legs, and it fell to the ground. The pilot of the other hardsuit cleanly cut its opponents limbs off, leaving it incapacitated. Then, it lowered itself, and the hatch sprung open. A man got out, the dropship landing as he did.

The man approached the hardsuit carefully. He pressed a few buttons on it, and the hatch opened. He gasped as the bubble-like black cover opened. There was nobody inside! He took out a scanner and swept the inside.


The End

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