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Chapter 5: MG.apa

Apple and Renan looked out from a corner as a police officer walked past, a hardsuit in tow. The officer was asking if anybody had seen Renan, and held up a picture to help clarify. The EMB on Renan’s headset was scrambling any electronic searches for him, so the police were using the old fashioned method of finding criminals.

Apple and Renan waited for the procession to pass by, and crept past them. However, Renan noticed something alarming as they went. The hardsuit was the same one as before. He thought about it for a second. It didn’t seem natural. How had it managed to consistently be in the same place as he was? It was almost like it knew where he was. If it did indeed know his location, why did it not go after him? What was it waiting for? He put the thought out of his mind. Maybe this state didn’t have very many hardsuits. Still…he felt watched.

“Hey Apple?” Renan whispered.

“What?” Apple hissed.

“That hardsuit look familiar?” Renan asked.

“No.” Apple said. “They all look the same, sweety.” She said.

“There’s a scratch on its left arm. It was the same one at your nightclub.” Renan said.

“So what?” Apple said, annoyed.

“And that hardsuit was the same one that made me move here in the first place.” Renan said. “It doesn’t seem right. It’s almost like its stalking me.”

“Wait, the hardsuit yesterday was after you?” Apple said, perplexed. “What did you do, sweety?”

“Hacked the government database.” Renan said.

“You’re an idiot.” Apple spat disdainfully.

“Mm.” Renan said, not bothering to give any other reply.

The End

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