Radio Towers and Chinese Food; page 4

“You and your Chinese food can go and burn in hell.” Renan mumbled as he stalked off. He exited the small open area through an alleyway, and went back into the crowded halls of the city. The EMB began to talk, using its newfound powers of speech.

“You humans are really jerks, aren’t you?” It said.

“Shut up.” Renan said, gritting his teeth.

“Puppet, you can’t make me shut up.” The EMB said. “You should focus on getting me out of the energy shielding. Once you do that, I won’t bother you anymore. And, deal with that Apple person. I don’t trust her. If I was in her place, I’d-”

“Just be quiet!” Renan hissed. “Between you and that idiot Apple, I barely can stop from tearing my headset to scrap.”

“I am named god, puppet. I would appreciate it if you referred to me as such.” The EMB said. “I’ve got plenty of positive reasons that are good for both you and me for you to call me by name. Would you like to hear them?”

“No, god, I don’t.” Renan said. “I’m fine.”

“All right then. Where do you suppose Chinese food is located, puppet?”

Renan looked it up on Atomnet. He gave no response, and started off towards the nearest cheap Chinese restaurant. There was one that wasn’t too far away. As Renan walked, he realized that he was approaching a bazaar. He stepped through it, blending, wary of anything police related. Thankfully, nobody but salespeople, buyers and thieves were there. He stopped at a small stand, and realized he had no idea what Apple wanted. She was carnivorous, wasn’t she? He thought about it. His more childish side put an evil gleam in his brown eyes and a malicious smile on his thin lips. He would get her a bowl of vegetables! That would show her that he could bite too, in his own little way. He was about to place the order, but then wondered for his own safety. He drew the line at noodle soup. He got two. He needed food too. At least it was her money. She’d been nice enough to not use his. Then again, she’d probably spend it all on something useless anyway. She knew how easy it was to make money as a hacker, and it reflected in her behavior.

Renan took the two paper boxes and headed back. He was hoping she would find somewhere to go soon. Alleys weren’t comfortable places to sleep. He arrived back to Apple five minutes later, with a frown on his face.

“Hey, sweety…” Apple chided, suspicious of malicious intent. “You brought noodles. You know I’m a carnivore, don’t you?”

“So sue me.” Renan grumbled. “You didn’t tell me what to get.”

“Fine.” Apple said, bored. “Just get something proper next time. Don’t care what it is. Get noodles again and you’ll be the meat.”

“Fine.” Renan said. “Since you don’t want to leave me alone, where are we going to stay?”

“I found an old cargo hold.” Apple said, proudly. “Hasn’t been touched in years. It’s a long walk, but I’m sure you’ll make it.”

“Taxi not an option?” Renan asked.

“Obviously not.” Apple said. “I wouldn’t even get into the station.”

“All right then. When are we going?” Renan inquired.

“After I eat.” Apple said.

Renan sighed and sat down behind the dumpster, beginning to eat his own meal.

“That’s my money you got that with.” Apple said.

“Should’ve thought about that before you gave it to me.” Renan said.

“Hmm…” Apple said. “You have a point.” She smiled. “Don’t get any more food for yourself, then.”

“Life doesn’t work that way.” Renan growled.

“Sorry?” Apple asked, her voice slithering like a snake ready to strike. “Repeat that, please?”

“I need to eat, too.” Renan grumbled.

“Use your money.” Apple said.

“You have it, girl!” Renan said, annoyed at her seeming stupidity. “I can’t just use it!”

Apple sat down beside him, her eyes gleaming. She nestled up to him. “I know that, sweety.” She said. Her smile was malicious. “Call me by name, and I’ll give you a little bit.” She said.

“All right then.” Renan mumbled, his face cloaked by shadows and the steam from the noodles. “I’ll call you Apple.”

“Good boy.” Apple said. She wrapped her tail around him, and licked at her noodles, testing their temperature. She dipped her chopsticks into the paper box and snapped down the yellow noodles like a predator eating the entrails of its prey.

The End

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