Radio Towers and Chinese Food; page 3

When she arrived at the bottom she saw that sure enough, Renan was waiting for her.

“Hi sweety.” Apple asked her golden question. “Any luck with the self cleaning clothes?”

“I got them here. I don’t think you need them, though. You have that second layer of skin stuff, don’t you? Why waste time with these?” Renan said, annoyed. He’d taken quite a hassle to get her clothes treated with nanomachines, and it had stricken him with a good case of irritation.

“Saying that to a lady isn’t very appropriate, sweety.” Apple said. “Besides, it gets me less looks. I’m the only one here who’s got the snout, all right? Clothes help me blend.” She towered over him, and despite her words sounding harmless, she was still intimidating. Renan handed her the skirt and blouse. She pulled them on, and felt the now shiny fabric with interest. “Get me Chinese food.” She said.

“Dang it, Apple.” Renan said. “I just got back ten minutes ago. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find somebody who does self-cleaning treatment. Later, all right?”

Apple got close to Renan, and pulled him up to her face by his shirt. “Listen, sweety. Our relationship is very simple. I say, you do. Got it?”

Renan was expressionless, but his hatred of her was palpable. “Yeah, girl. Sure.” He snarled.

Apple loosened her grip. “Good boy. As a treat, I’ll let you sleep next to me tonight. You won’t get cold that way.” She said. “Now, buzz off.”

The End

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