Apple comes out to play; page 7

“Sure.” Renan said.

She retreated into another doorway. Renan waited like a good boy. He needed that headset. She came back a few minutes later. She was wearing a short, light purple blouse and a grey frilled skirt, held up with a leather belt. It went well with her reddish skin. She also had an E-cigarette in her mouth again. Renan was surprised. She didn’t give the impression as the smart dressing type. She still had his gun, and didn’t look to be giving it back. She handed him a rusty crowbar instead.

“I’ve got the gun, so don’t get any ideas.” She said cheerfully. “Can I have the holster?”

“Sure.” Renan said. As he fumbled for it, he considered attempting to hit her over the head, but his good judgment got the better of him. He didn’t have great reaction time, and he’d most likely just end up with a flechette in his face.




The End

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