Apple comes out to play; page 5

After about around three hours, Apple still hadn’t been able to find a way to compress the EMB into an actual file. Renan’s glass was long empty. Even with the EMB trying as well, it still wasn’t able to fit onto a flash drive. The little god was trapped inside Renan’s headset. Apple finally disconnected it.

“Sorry, I can’t do it. I did give it a link to a speech program though. It can talk, at least.” Apple said. “I’d just get a new headset and throw this one out a spaceport.” Apple said, still holding it in her hands.

“I can’t go back to the spaceport. I’ve got some enemies there. And besides, I can’t just throw it out.”

“Throw it down a waste chute and get a new one, then. Those lead to airlocks, right?” Apple said.

“I kind of need it. It’s got quite a few of my memories and all my money on it. And I can’t just transfer it all. You’ve seen what I do. The police would have my head.” Renan said.

“Not my problem.” Apple said. She sat up and crossed her arms. “Pay up, bud.”

Renan prepared to protest, but a sudden blast sounded, and the inhabitants of the nightclub fled in all directions. A very familiar shape stepped into view, the irony of Renan’s words following as the smoke cleared. It was the police hardsuit. The same one as yesterday.

“Looks like it’s your problem now, lady.” Renan said.

The End

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