Apple comes out to play; page 4

Renan spotted something that more or less matched the description he’d been given. She was lounging on a couch, drinking a cocktail. She had something on, but it wasn’t a fur suitby any stretch of the imagination. It was a brownish red, almost skin tone, but not quite. It had a chitin-like covering running down its spine, and ending in a surprisingly active tail. The headpiece had a long, thin snout and what looked like huge, floppy ears hanging from it. She appeared to have decorated the fabric with what appeared to be tattoos. Speaking of the fabric, he’d never seen fabric so skin-like. It was so real, he wondered if it was a suit at all, even though it covered her thin, womanly body like skin-tight clothing. She also seemed to have legs with one more joint than was normal. Some fur suits had that, so it wasn’t incredibly surprising. But the strangest thing about her was her was her eyes. She had four large, purple eyes, which had no pupils. He approached the person, who he could only assume was Apple.

“Hello.” She said, as he got close he realized she was at least seven feet tall. “What brings you here?” She asked. She had a young, slightly garbled voice. Renan didn’t recognize the accent. He was also amazed that she didn’t have to take off the head of her suit to drink.

“I need something done…” Renan said. He paused for a second, and decided he couldn’t hold in his curiosity any longer. “Are you wearing a suit?”

“No. Just my skin and my jewelry.” Apple said. His suspicions were confirmed that it was indeed true that she wasn’t wearing a fur suit. The snout she was drinking through was her actual mouth. Whatever she was, she wasn’t human. Renan looked her over a bit closer. She had multiple earrings on her floppy ears. She also had smooth, dark, shiny plastic bracelets and anklets clamped onto her. A large tube ran from these to smaller articles higher on her limbs. Her neck had one of these too, with two tubes going straight into the back of her head. Renan wondered what they were. To top it off, she had a spiked anklet on her left leg.

“Are you…naked, then?” Renan asked. He wasn’t sure, because she still appeared to have something covering her private parts.

“Yeah, I’m nude. This is my club; I can dress how I want, so don’t ask.” Apple said. “I’ve still got this for squeamish people like you.” She pulled on the skin of her waist, and a second layer of skin stretched outward. She was wearing it like underwear. “So, what do you want done?” She asked.

“I’ve got something on my headset. It’s not a virus or anything. It’s more complicated than that.” Renan said. “I need you to take a look.”

“Sounds fun.” She said. She gave him a slip of paper. “A free drink, as a compliment.”

“Thank you.” Renan said. He took off his visual display goggles, and gave them to Apple. His eyes burned for a little bit, but he rubbed them until they felt better. Apple turned on her belly and reached into a compartment under the couch. She pulled out a computer and linked the two with a USB cord. Then she began looking through Renan’s files. She also took out an E-cigarette and began to smoke as she worked.

“Stay out of my data, please.” Renan said.

“Where’s the fun in that? I want to see all the nasty stuff you people look at.” She said, with a mischievous smile. Then she went silent. “Oh. Hi.” She said a moment later, seemingly talking to herself. “Well, you’re certainly not the nicest person, are you?” She said. She put her attention back on Renan. “Is this ‘god’ thing what you need dealing with?”

“Yeah. It’s an electromagnetic being. Do you think you could put it on a flash drive or something? I need to get it out of shielded space.” Renan said.

“I’ll try. This isn’t just some program, though.” She said. She waved him away. “Go get that drink. This’ll take a while.”

The End

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