Apple comes out to play; page 3

Renan stopped at the entrance, where a security drone was waiting. It was a spherical, floating machine with a series of antenna pointing towards the ground. The antenna broke up its clean, grey look, giving it a pseudo-ultramodern look.

“Please state your intent.” The drone said in a metallic voice. It was intelligent, he could tell.

“I would like to see Apple.” Renan said.

“Proceed.” The drone said, bored. “And have a good time.” It added, goodheartedly. It was kinder than most people these days.

“Thank you.” Renan said, as the door slid open for him and he went inside. He was glad he’d concealed his handgun.

It was loud inside, with music pounding and chatter sounding all around. He looked around for apple. Somebody in a fur suit. Amazingly, there were no unblocked images on the web. He guessed it was the work of a hacker.

The End

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