Apple comes out to play; page 2

Renan had always felt rather cramped in these urban states. He’d grown up on a wide, open agricultural state. This city was cramped. It didn’t even have tall buildings. It was like being inside one huge building. There were layers upon layers of streets and infrastructure in this city. This square looked more like a large room than the proper city squares he’d heard about. The ceiling was only fifteen feet above his head.  Tubing ran across the ceiling, water, energy and the much larger public transport chutes. He was looking for an elevator shaft to get to a station for these. Renan suddenly stepped into a much larger crowd as a police hardsuit stepped into view. He looked at it closely, and he could’ve sworn it was the one he’d seen before. He hoped it was just a coincidence. He went up a flight of stairs, and into the public transport. He stopped at an ATM, and downloaded some of his money onto his headset from his computer. Renan paid the fare and turned on a scrambler on his headset while they scanned for his identity. The scanner wasn’t an advanced model, and his scrambler made it unable to pinpoint his file in the police database. He passed by onto the taxi unhindered. They went off, shooting through the tubing that connected this city together.

Renan stepped down from the stairs that led into the transport station, and back into the congested streets. He approached a nightclub, with neon lights flashing all over it. He usually kept a low profile, avoiding these places. Regardless, it was a good place to get a drink and lighten a heavy heart.

The End

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