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Chapter 3: Apple comes out to play

Renan looked out from the alley. He had a wad of digital cash in his computer now. He’d been hacking into people’s bank accounts all day long, and night had fallen over the city. Tired as he was, Renan refused to sleep. He needed food and shelter first. A hacker had a lot of money, but using it was another deal altogether. His idea of home was somewhere out of the public eye. A warehouse, or maybe or even a secluded area of the maintenance section would do. It seemed easy enough to find a spot, but Renan wouldn’t be fooled that easily into thinking so. He was one of many criminals and lowlifes looking for a good spot to settle down. And those kinds of people didn’t like sharing. Renan suddenly felt a buzzing in his ear. It was the EMB. He should probably deal with it now, before it really started to bother him. He stepped back into the shadows and opened the internet browser on his headset. What to search for, though? It seemed simple enough to find somebody. But, this wasn’t just a broken screen or a software error. This was an energy being in his headset. This would have to be done carefully, and whoever was going to do it would need to be skilled in unorthodox coding.

Where to find a skilled software engineer was his first search. Renan looked through the results. There wasn’t anything he was interested in. He tried juggling the words a little bit.

Where to find an unorthodox software designer was his last search. It brought up something he thought might be a lead. Somebody named ‘Apple’. What a strange name. He looked it up.

Apple seemed like a good option. She was a girl, wearing a fur suit and working in the back of a nightclub. She ran a repair shop for ‘weird problems’. The reviews she’d gotten were quite good. Renan looked up her location. It was worth a shot. It wasn’t too far from here. He could get a taxi and be there in around fifteen minutes. He stepped out of the alley, melded into a crowd, and began walking towards the nearest thoroughfare.

The End

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