the first god; page 3

“Hey Renan, I have men working in this state year round. You’ve outstayed your welcome with me. I don’t ever want to see you here again.” Gatsby said, watching him go down the ramp. “If you’re sighted around here again, you’re dead. Got it? I don’t need you anymore, Renan. I don’t want you either.”

Renan breathed a heavy sigh, and continued. As long as he stayed away from the spaceports, he would be all right. He would have to stay in the shadows now. No more high priority hacking. Just…small things. No more hardsuits, no more insanity. As he walked, Renan began to hear a strange interference on his headset. Wavy lines passed by his vision. Was it a virus? He pressed the off button, and restarted it. Nothing. That was strange. He continued walking down the street.

Where to go now? Renan wondered. He needed money. That meant hacking into somebody’s bank account. And that meant going somewhere with very little activity. Surely there was somewhere low profile? He wanted to ask around, until he saw a police hardsuit strutting around. It would be best not to draw any attention. Unless they ran a trace program on him, they wouldn’t know who he was or what he’d done. He intended it to stay that way. He looked around for abandoned buildings. Nothing in sight but a few alleys. They would have to do. He melded with a crowd going past one of them, and waited until he was right next to it. Then he stepped out of the stream of people and past the wall of a convenience store. The police hardsuit didn’t seem to notice him. Good. He sat down and took out his computer. He ran a sweeping program on his headset, to get a few promising starts. He got nothing but that strange sound again. This time the wavy lines formed a definite shape. A text box opened in his display goggles.


The End

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