the first god; page 2

Renan walked aboard the Space Mammoth. It was named after an extraterrestrial organism of the same name. Nasty things; both spacecraft and star borne monster alike. The loading ramp began to rise just as he stepped over the threshold of the loading bay. Gatsby and Mohawk were standing on the cargo elevator, and Renan joined them. It slowly rose up into the Space Mammoth’s main cargo bay, which was full of crates of illegal products, beds, tables and lowlifes. The whole room shook as the Space Mammoth rose into the air and lost its gravitational pull. Renan looked out a scratched window at the view. They were slowly turning around, docking alarms blaring. For a brief moment, Renan caught sight of the great beyond as the spaceship turned. They stopped, and began to move forward. The hull of the state class vessel was not made of metal, but of energy shielding. They passed by the hazy barrier, and out into the vastness of space. Most of the time, Labrose’s fleet of state class craft were in a hyperspace-like state. But, the need for nuclear materials and minerals had drawn them out of their pocket of negative energy, and into a single location.

The Space Mammoth was passing through an asteroid field. Renan had taken out his computer, and was wiping his identity data. Here in space there was no interfering Atomnet, the quantum messaging internet of these times. In the distance, Renan could see the alien the spacecraft was named for. It was a massive creature, about twice the size of their cargo vessel. It was covered in rocky plating, but he could see red flesh in the seams. Huge mouth-like orifices were all over its body, closing and opening like a school of grotesque fish. Massive arms of flesh slowly moved through the vacuum, grasping asteroids and pulling the creature through space. The arms were actually just pieces of flesh that were being continually grown and then retracted. It had no real limbs, just the ability to extend its body. Renan had heard that scientists had once gotten similar properties into a humanlike entity. They were hoping to create genetic augments to the human genome, but had no success. They had been defunded about a year ago.

A sudden blackout racked the spacecraft. Something was interfering with their power supply. Somebody shouted and pointed as a shimmering entity flew past the window view. It was an electromagnetic being. They lived in the vicinity of stars, and were known to cause problems with human shielding. The power briefly came back online, but the ship blacked out again, this time for longer. Renan grabbed onto something as the Space Mammoth drifted crazily, buffeted by the actual space mammoth. The lights came back on, and everybody relaxed as the craft went back on course. Renan breathed a heavy sigh as they approached another state. He completed the last of his illegal work, and shut down his computer. He put it away in his bag, and watched as they approached the docking bay.

After a few minutes, the Space Mammoth had landed, and Renan was walking down the loading ramp. However, he was interrupted.

The End

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