The Mad God and the Puppet

When we imagine the far future, we have always usually thought of a better existence than today's, peacefully exploring the stars.
Such is not the case of the Mad God and The Puppet. What is the future? The future is chaos, insanity and pandemonium. Terrorism, biological monstrosities and hacking into other people's mental implants is the new norm. There is no hope for humanity. It is the beginning of the end of man.
This story is not about saving humanity, but a man serving his god.

The Mad God and The Puppet

A post-cyberpunk adventure



Chapter 1: Man and mayhem


Somewhere deep in the darkness and the stars

“It’s twenty Feathers, no more!” A man yelled in Eurasian. “One terabyte RAM drive! In great condition! Stores memories like a dream! Don’t miss out on this deal!”

The crowds did not respond to his offer. They simply ignored him, along with all the other vendors in the city bazaar. They walked on, indignant and indifferent. It was a bad idea to get an implant from a street side vendor. Who knew what they’d put on their products beforehand? Yet the vendors were always there, night after night, waiting for the gullible and the easy manipulated. Humankind all seemed to have a strange persistence. They all seemed to be waiting for an opportunity to get what they wanted. It seemed that things never really changed in the last six thousand years. They looked funny, those humans, with the implant slots in their heads and visual display goggles over their eyes. They looked unnatural, even artificial. But, that’s been said ever since the early twenty first century. It wouldn’t make sense for it to stop at this time.

The vendor continued to shout out his offer. He was hoping for customers, but he got attention he’d rather avoid. A triplet of policemen came to his stand. They wore simple indented navy blue jumpsuits, with light grey and black plating over it. They wore smooth, expressionless helmets with an antenna floating above them. At their side was a flechette gun, a small, plastic projectile shooting firearm that had the firepower of an assault rifle in about a third of the size. They were going to every vendor, checking their wares to see what they’d installed on them beforehand.

“Show us your RAM drives. All of them.” The leader of the team said. He was eager to get his shift over with. The next episode of his favorite game show would be on soon. The vendor quickly opened a case in front of him, and showed his wares to the policeman.

The one leading the team picked up one of the drives. It was a small, blocky thing, about as thick as a pencil, and as tall as a pencil sharpener. Its casing was made of cheap steel. The policeman took out a small electronic pad, and roughly plugged the drive into a socket in the side. The pad analyzed the contents.



The End

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