Upside down

After a sound nights sleep Millie awoke refreshed on the Saturday morning.

She made herself a light breakfast of egg on toast, wolfed it down and made her way into the lounge.

The lounge was compact, most of the room being swallowed by a comfy two seater sofa. The few bookshelves which squeezed themselves into the remaining space provided Millie with plenty to keep her occupied.

She ran over fingers over the many books on the shelves. She sometimes would pick a book and just hold it under her nose and breathe in deep. She loved the smell of books. It was comfort.

Curled on the sofa, her toes wriggling, she held a red leather bound book in her hands and begun to flick through the pages.

Although the history of Greek art was not a subject that Millie much cared for, it was just the feeling of handling a book which gave her great pleasure. She aimlessly flicked from page to page when she felt something brush her forearm.

She put the book to one side and saw a piece of paper now sat on her lap.

Picking it up, it seemed old. She tried her best to be as delicate as she could with the piece of paper. She placed it on the arm od the sofa and returned to the book.

Only a few minutes had passed since she had found the paper. Every few seconds she would look to the arm of the sofa and back to her book. What was it? Why was it in the book?

Millie was curious. very curious.

She picked up the paper and opened it carefully. She read the first line and immediately wished she hadn't.

The End

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