Kids are cruel

Millie didn't really know how to process her feelings. Her parents were gone. Instead of feeling heartbroken or destroyed, she just felt an emptiness. It was almost nothing. It could be compared to the feeling of an empty stomach, no emotion, no nothing.

As soon as kids at her college had cottoned on to the story, the whispers started. The bullying started, albeit just verbal. Had any of them tried to physically hurt Millie, she was more than capable of standing up for herself. This is the one thing that her Father had instilled in her at a young age.

She was labelled a freak, an outsider just because she no longer had living parents. It made no sense. Millie had lost her parents and she was treated like a freak.

The names and the insensitive rants aimed at her for no reason just bounced off her. Millie had now got ignoring them down to an art form, but still they called out at her, hoping to get a rise. Normally, bullies, if ignored, will give up and move on to the next victim, but not in Millie's case.

What was so interesting about Millie anyway? she thought.

So today was just another day. Millie sat in class, she listened to the teachers, she did her work, she ate her lunch, had a few more lonely lessons then made her way home for the weekend.

This was never a happy time. Millie didn't care much for her aunt, whom she lived with. She was smothering, overbearing and almost like a dictator. Yes, she had lost a daughter, but had she forgotten that Millie had lost two of them most important people in her life?

This weekend would be different though, this weekend would be fun. Millie's auntie was going away until Sunday evening to stay with a friend. Millie would have the house to herself.

The week had come to an end, Millie'e Auntie was waiting in the carpark in her battered yellow car.

She always picked up Millie from college, yet another thing that irked Millie.

They got  home, her auntie loaded the last of her bags into the car, in a hurry to get away and beat the traffic. She hurriedly issued her dos and dont's, kissed Millie goodbye and set off.

Peace at last.

Millie slumped into the huge sofa in the lounge and switched on the tv. The news was showing a story about a new building being completed in the city. 'the second highest in the world' the newscaster announced.

This excited Millie, but not as much as the images of her beloved city on the screen. A smile grew on her face. Something was going on behind her eyes. A scheme was brewing.

Times like these were rare, she had learnt to enjoy every second of her Aunties absence.

She bore no malice towards her Auntie; she loved her very much. They had a good relationship, they had many good times, they just had nothing in common. The one thing that Millie wanted to talk about the most was forbidden. She had never found out why. Every time she had tried to talk about the city, she was met with a stern face and lightly reprimanded for wanting to talk about it.

The last time she had tried, her Auntie seemed quite cross. It had been a while since she had asked last, but her Auntie's reaction was that of almost anger. With every question, her Auntie seemed to get more and more frustrated. This frustration only increased Millie's own inner frustration.

Why was this topic off limits?




The End

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