With a heavy heart, Millie made her way back down the other side of the hill towards her college.

She gazed over her shoulder and saw the city disappear over the hill. As it was a Friday, and the beginning of the holidays, she felt her heart sink at the thought of not seeing her city again for a while.

The voices of fellow students filled the air as she got closer. Gossip, rumours and malicious teasing were the order of the day for most girls here. As Millie had never sought their company, she was a prime target.

A blonde girl with pursed lips silenced the small crowd around her and drew their attention to Millie.

"Well if it ain't the college weirdo, " she said. All about her laughed. Some not even sure why.

Millie kept on walking. They were just names. They were just girls. What harm could their words do anyway? She was used to this treatment now. They called her names, she ignored them, she'd walk away and it would stop, only to resume the next day.

Millie was aware there was no reason for them to attack her. She had never set out to make enemies, it just happened. She did know however, when it started.

Not long after the death of her Mother and her Father's disappearance, did Millie begin to feel different, to act different. Suddenly, she wasn't interested in the same things as her friends anymore. She didn't want to have sleepovers, or go shopping in town. Slowly but surely, every friend she had ever made, had deserted her; and she only had herself to blame.


The End

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