The meadows

A young girl dreams of visiting the city, hitherto forbidden by her Auntie. Disobeying her Auntie's orders she heads for the city, just as the mysterious machines arrive.

The summer pollen filled Millie's nose. She pulled faces, held her nose and contorted her face. Anything to hold off the inevitable shrill of a sneeze. When she was a little girl, her Mother would often tease her that her sneeze sounded like a puppy barking. This made her smile. She wrinkled her nose once again, the stream of freckles flowing over the bridge of her nose darkened during the summer.

Her toes danced as the light summer breeze tickled her toes. Whenever she was lost in thought, or just plain happy, her toes would dance on their own.

 The lush green meadow stretched as far as her eyes could see. The green carpet extended for miles, sinking into the distance, barely hiding the towers and spires of the city below. The grass was a vivid green. Ever now and then, the green was dotted with splashes of yellow where clusters of buttercups grew.

Millie sat up, ruffled her jet black hair and stared into the distance. The tops of the skyscrapers in the distance twinkled like precious stones. The thought of what lay amongst the shimmering spires was never far from her mind. She dreamt of walking the streets, of entering stores filled with unimaginable delights. She dreamt, but that was as far as she had got.

Now seventeen, she had been living with her Auntie since she was eleven. Her Mother had died of cancer when she was eight, and her Father had disappeared two years ago. her father would often tell tales of the city. Her Mother would often discourage him, like the city was some dark secret. Now living with her auntie, all talk of the city was forbidden.

Millie had found herself withdrawing from life, shunning company and found herself alone more often than not. She had now grown accustomed to it. She preferred her own company, and the hill she was now sat upon was by far her favourite retreat.

She sat, lost in her thoughts of the city. She could feel the sun on her face, her eyes shut tight.

Her pleasant daydream was interrupted by the feint sound of voices travelling up the hill towards her. She jumped to her feet and brushed down her blue jeans. She turned to a nearby tree, and using her skinny frame, she shot up the tree and perched on a branch, hidden by the thick clusters of leaves.

The voices grew louder and louder. Millie held her breath as two men passed underneath. They were dressed in overalls and were each carrying metal boxes. They laughed and joked as they passed by and soon vanished down the other side of the hill.

Millie looked about her and giggled. A young girl of seventeen sat in a tree. It seemed ridiculous, but she didn't care. She was, in her own way, happy.


The End

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