Ready for Change

Racheal has always been a good friend to me, for as long as I've known her.  I'm surprised I didn't come off as a jerk to her at first, because I was very much heartbroken and irritable at the time.  That was almost 2 years ago.


"Thank you, Racheal.  Today is exactly what I needed," I said as we ate in the mall food court. 

"Yeah, no problem.  You needed new clothes anyway," she smiled and sipped her drink.  "Do you feel ready for college now?"

I nodded, "I wish it were here already."

Racheal had agreed to help me find new clothes for the coming semester down in Miami.  It would be hot, but I didn't mind.  I'd take a blazing summer over an ice-cold winter any day.  There was something symbolic about Miami that really stroked my fancy, and I sensed that a great amount of change was to take place upon my arrival. 

It made me anxious.  Being stuck here for the summer was no good.  No one wanted to hire a student who's about to go off to college.  In addition, the lack of change has only increased my bouts of nostalgia.  It made me sour, and sometimes cold.  I wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible.

"Something wrong?"  Racheal asked, discerning the troubled look on my face.

I shook my head, "No, I'm fine.  What are you doing tonight?"

"Hmm, I think my family's having a cookout.  My sister and her boyfriend will be there too.  You can come if you like."

I nodded, "Sounds good, I'd love to join you."

I got up to throw my trey away; Racheal followed suit.  We walked through several more stores, then left the mall.

On the way back to Racheal's house, we discussed the different kinds of traits we would like to have in our future spouses, and what kind of things we would do for them.

"I know how to make the best sandwich ever," Racheal said with some jocularity, "My husband will be a happy man."

We laughed, and I told her about how I would like to marry a doctor.  We talked about our future spouses all the way to her front door step.  She gave a sigh when we reached the door.

"You're closer to finding your spouse than I am."

I gave her a look, "Why do you say that?"

She shrugged, "Cuz you're gonna be in college.  Everyone meets their spouse in college."

"Eh, not necessarily," I said without much conviction.

We entered and I was greeted by her family.  We ate shortly afterward, and Racheal and I talked for a long time by the fire.  When it came time for me to go, she rose to give me a hug. 

"I'm gonna miss you next year.  Heck, everyone's gonna miss you next year."

I laughed, "I'll miss you too, but I'm sure you guys will be fine without me.  I'll come back to visit."

She gave me a look, "You better.  And you better keep your wardrobe like I showed you."

I smiled, "I will; goodbye, Racheal."

"Goodbye," she said with a slight tinge of melancholy attached to her voice.


As I drove home, I replayed the day in my mind.  I would indeed miss Racheal, and many more of my friends.  But I was leaving for a better place.  A place filled with promise, hope, desire, dreams, and most of all, change.  I planned on starting completely anew.  It would be just how I entered high school four years ago.  No nostalgia, no regrets, no dreams or hopes lost to the steely clutches of time. 

In a month, everything will just be a harmless memory.

The End

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