Fuzzy Blue Lights

I had 45 minutes for break.  I decided to walk along the city streets, with my ipod plugged in, one song on repeat.  It's the only song that seems relevant to anything right now.  I walked casually, observing everything I saw.  The bustling cars and people, the towering sky-scrapers, the gorgeous city houses; it was a beautiful day.

After walking around a block, I spotted a large, rennaissance-looking church.  I climbed the stair and sat at the top, just under one of the mighty pillars.  Down below, there was an intersection.  Cars rushed through and people walked across as I quietly observed them all. 

Mothers and fathers walked with their children, teenagers ambled along in small groups, and there was the ocassional loner.  I watched them all as an unbiased observer.  I felt detatched from the world, as if I were looking into a snow globe. 

One child pointed up at me as he walked with his family across the intersection.  I curved my lips in amusement.  I was a gargoyle, hand-crafted and put on display for children to look upon in awe and trepidation.

I do this funny thing.  I imagine that you are somehow watching me and every move I make.  I imagine what you would say about everything I do.  Would you smile?  Would you frown?  Would you laugh?  Would you cry?  It matters to me what you think, even though you couldn't possibly be able to see me.  Even if you could... you would probably be disgusted by the very sight of me.


Surprising how fast 45 minutes can fly.  I picked myself up and allowed my feet to shuffle down the stone stairway.  Back to participating in the world.  Back to becoming a biased, selfish human being.

The End

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