Tears slipped down my cheek as I watched Jake pick up Max and toss him into the orange flames. Now that he was gone, our numbers dropped to ten. There were nine boys and one girl, that girl was me.

Don't cry, Eve. I told myself. You need to be tough like the others. Be strong.

I wiped my eye and slowly walked back to my blankets. I sat down and put my arms around my knees and took deep breaths. I had to act like I was one of the boys, but inside I was just a frail eighteen year old.

"Eve? Are you okay?"I lifted my head and crawled into the speaker's arms, which had opened willingly. I pushed my face into his chest as he patted my back and whispered me soothing words.

"Yes, I'm fine." I stood up and looked down at Avery. He stared back at me with his brilliant green eyes. Knowing I could handle the turn of events, I headed toward the garden to do my daily job of watering.


Eve was the one to find their site. With the help of the boys, she made her home. ~Fact One

The End

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