The Lullabye Tree

Her mother had been gone five years now, her brother three.  Her father had died not six months after her mother. She could not find it in her heart to forgive him.

There were three left and it was like living on a powder keg.  They didn't know how to talk to each other, they just didn't know what to say.

There were always tears, always questions and, they couldn't get past it, as if their mothers' death had paved the way to eternal sorrow.  Perhaps this was their punishment, perhaps this was a lesson for selfish narrow mindedness.  For all the times they could have, but, they didn't.

She had her own demons, she could have done more.   All the times her mother had called. Mother had always sounded sad, it brought her down and even as she remembered all the comfort her mother had given her, she had shied away from talking or even visiting her..  now she was gone..  now,  it was her turn to be alone.

The old tree called out to her, this had been mothers' safe haven when she had been sad..  The area had changed somewhat but, there it was, the old majestic tree. 

The cough racked her thin frame, she sat on the root under the canopy, it felt so good here.  She wished her mother would have been there when she'd visited the Oncologist..  His words still traveled the electrical circuit of her brain..  "It's lung cancer, advanced...."  She had stared up at him, he continued.  "You may have, six months... I'm sorry." 

It had been six months plus, she'd made it past that mark but, was it worth it?  Chemo had taken all of her hair, all of her appetite, if a stiff wind blew it would probably blow her away. She spent days hugging her porcelain friend. 

The coat she wore wrapped around her small frame like a blanket.  It wasn't that it was cold, no, she was cold, always cold.  She coughed again.  Holding her chest as the pain doubled her over..

Her breathing shallow, she prayed, she prayed like the man Job.. She threw her arms around the trunk of the tree.

The tree began to move, the branches swayed, the leaves shook slightly, and she heard it..

don't you cry
go to sleep my little baby

The pain was gone, she was warm, she expelled the frothy red breath..  and closed her eyes..

"This is the daughter of the woman that died a few years ago, wow, who would imagine she would die here like her mother.."

"Not only her mother but, her father and her brother, poor thing, she was so thin, she looks peaceful doesn't she?"

The End

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