* The Lullaby Tree *

It had been a bad week, the fights with him, the boss and, to top it off, waiting for the pink slip.

Where did it all go wrong?  This hadn't been her dream, an alcoholic husband, the beatings, two rotten kids that laughed when their father berated and beat her.  Her mother and father had loved her, had only wanted the best for her and, she had only wanted him.  She had been warned.  Still, she allowed him to lure her away from a loving, secure home.  She had been enthralled by all the promises.  She had been captured by his skill at love making, then she had been trapped by pregnancy and his abuse.

Her mother and father had cried, they had begged.. Now they were gone.  She was glad about that, what would they think of her, what would they think of the horrid little monsters she'd brought into the world.. she sighed, she was tired..

She walked along, not sure where she was going.. There it was, a huge tree.  It was weather and time worn.  The canopy shot out from around it like an umberella.  Large branches raised their leaves up into the sky, beckoning the sun to shine down on them.

She walked towards it, the closer she came the lighter her spirits became.. Under the canopy of the tree felt safe, secure, she thought about her parents..  She settled down against the tree.. The branches swayed, the leaves rustled lightly.  She heard the song..

don't you cry
go to sleep my little baby

"Poor thing, does anyone know who she is..? no..  Well, she's at peace, she's smiling."

The End

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