The Lullabye Tree

And this was where she let go.  This is the place where she gave up her spirit.  He walked around the tree. He'd never noticed how really large it was.

In fact, he hadn't really noticed anything about her, their life, all the times she backed him and, never complained.

He sat on the large root, staring out into space.  She'd never asked for much.  How many birthdays had he missed?  How many anniversaries had he begged off, how many excuses?

As if the way he had treated her, taken her for granted wasn't enough, all the women.. last but not least, the child.. She'd been eighteen still, he was old enough to be her father.. not true, more like grandfather.

Tears ran unabated, he felt as if his heart were going to burst.. He couldn't apologize, he couldn't put his arms around her and tell her, he truly had loved her, but.... maybe...  He stood, wrapped his arms around the big tree, he cried, wailed, screamed... begged..

The tree vibrated, it's branches moved ever so slightly, a leaf touched his face and, he heard the song...

don't you cry
go to sleep my little baby

"No good dog.. this was too good for him, too peaceful, he should have been drawn and quartered..burn in hell!"


The End

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