The Lullabye Tree ~Amber~

She looked like a porcelain doll, propped against the tree, her skin white, her lips almost blue.  She was cold but, she smiled.  In her little hand was a piece of paper..

I don't understand what kind of world this is.  I don't understand why there is so much hurt, why can't people love one another?  I don't understand why things are so complicated, why aren't the innocents protected?  If there is a god, where is He?  What did we do that was so bad we should suffer like this?  I know my secret will disappoint my mother.. My mother that I love with all of my heart but, my mother that wants to live her life through me..  I have let you down and that hurts more than you will ever know.  Seeing the things around me, I have made a decision, I cannot.. no I will not bring a child into this evil world.. another thing.. who was the father?  I will not answer this.  I think my mother will hurt enough without that knowledge.. I love you mom..

It had started.. I didn't know if she was the only one.. I would have to look through case files for that.  Looking at her my heart cried, it broke..  I knew the song she'd heard before her lifes blood had left her body..

I knew she was a victim of the tree... 

The End

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