The Lullabye Tree ~History~

Pulling away from the tree made me feel empty, sad, desolate..  It was a feeling someone vulnerable could not handle, I was sure about that and that made me want to look up the history of the tree.

A mother, a daughter, a husband, a son, a businessman, an abused woman, the list went on.  I realized the victims were in misery, from sickness to despair.  Reading further it told about the efforts to cut the tree down... and the crew it had taken to bring it down,  (so it had been destroyed) still, the tree that stood in it's place was certainly older than 3 years.  It's branches were full and spread out around it in a perfect circle, it's trunk was huge and smooth, looking as if it would be cool to the touch.  The workmen reported hearing a song.  They mentioned how much they had wanted to be in the circle of the branches, how much they had wanted to be in the cool, cool shade.  I knew that feeling, I knew that song, I knew that something needed to be done about the tree or, it wouldn't be long before it would start again.. actually, it already had..

The End

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