The Lullabye Tree ~2~

The plaque was a little dusty but, you could still make out the inscription.. "Dedicated to the ones that fell asleep in the arms of "The Lullabye Tree"..

The shade under the tree was so inviting.  The way the branches spread out they seemed to beckon, seemed to call, seemed to say come here  let me comfort you..  In front of the tree was a stand with a plaque..  She moved closer ..  "Dedicated to the ones that fell asleep in the arms of "The lullabye Tree"

I stood in front of the tree for a while..  I had read about it but, I thought it had been destroyed.  Something inside me felt glad that it was still here.  In the presence of the tree emotions tugged at you.  I felt them inside me, from the gladness of my childrens birth to the sadness of my parents death.  It grabbed at the most vulnerable side of you, it promised love, peace, happiness, an end to all things devastating and hurtful.
It took all my strength not to run and fling my arms around the trunk.  It told me it loved me.. it sang to me..  it's leaves flittering in the unseen wind, the branches vibrating..  the sweet smell..

Don't you cry
Go to sleepy little baby..


The End

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