First Blood of the Day-Part 2Mature

And then he ran. Titus sprinted towards his opponent with deathly determination in his eyes.

"What is your man doing, Octavius?" Sextilius said. Does he not know that the fighting begins once I say it does, he thought.

"You cannot blame him for being eager, can you? He is but excited as this is his first battle in the arena." Octavius smirked.

Turning around and seeing Titus fly at him, the opposing gladiator charged. Titus swung both swords in an arc towards his enemy’s head, but his shield easily knocked the blades aside. His opponent threw himself forward ramming his steel plate into Titus’s chest, knocking him to the ground. Seeing the sword coming towards him, Titus rolled out of the way as his enemy tried to stab him in the heart. When the tip of the sword hit the sand Titus jumped up and saw his opportunity. He flung his blade and while his enemy deflected it, he rushed ahead tackling him, digging his knee into his stomach. Knocking the breath out of him, Titus commenced to beat him with the wooden pommel of his sword, at first breaking his nose. The gladiator looked back at Titus with horror as he felt his nose crack under the weight of the wood. Holding him down, Titus reigned down blow after blow, each one bloodying his enemy’s face and making it more and more unrecognizable. Anger burned in his eyes as he destroyed his opponent’s features, watching him bleed profusely. Titus hit harder with every attack and he heard a sickening crack as he crushed the gladiator’s skull. Finally, after completely caving in his enemy’s head like a broken cask of wine, he stopped and stared at the bloody mass of splintered bone and gore.

The crowd shouted their approval as they saw Titus slaughter his adversary. Like a flock of hungry vultures, they came for blood and death, and they received it in abundance.

Getting up from his seat, Octavius leaned over the balcony and started to applaud and cheer with the audience. “Citizens of Rome! The gladiator that just eradicated Sextilius’s man is named Titus! He is my Champion!” he screamed to the crowd. They shouted their approval and starting to chant Titus’s name. "Would you like to raise the wager further?" Octavius asked Sextilius while admiring the crowd praise his champion.

Attempting to not show any irritation in his voice, Sextilius said "You think because you’ve killed one of my men that the match is already yours? There are still three more fights to go until a winner is decided.”

“I recall asking you a similar question just moments ago. You seemed certain that you would be the victor, even after just one fight. How certain are you now, Sextilius? Certain enough to bet 100 denarii that you will rise victorious?”

Liviana gasped at her husband’s offer and whispered “Octavius, 100 denarii? You cannot be serious!”

“Liviana, my sweet, this fuck doesn’t have enough man in him do it anyway” Octavius said just loud enough so Sextilius could hear.

Provoked enough, Sextilius yelled “I will not be fucking spoken to in that manner! You think I will not bet 100 denarii? I’ll bet every one of my fucking men and all of my riches! Will you do the same?” he asked even though he hoped desperately that Octavius would decline.

“I will consider your offer as betting does not frighten me, and nor do you. Now excuse me a moment, I would like to have a word with my gladiator. Relax and keep my wife company. I hear that you love to gossip with the women.”

Sextilius was fuming with anger, his face flushed red with rage. He wanted to say something else to Octavius, but before he could Octavius left the balcony. He met Titus down in the holding cells under the arena. Passing the decomposing dead bodies, he found Titus sitting on a bench with his head down, awaiting the next fight. Octavius went up to him and said "That's how you send someone to the underworld, Titus! That pissy little shit Sextilius might as well had woken up to his own severed cock in his mouth!"

"I'm glad you're pleased, Dominus." Titus said looking his master directly in the eyes. He was grateful for being given the chance to fight in the arena and truly wanted to make his Dominus proud. He was determined to become the best gladiator Octavius has ever seen and make the House of Octavius Crassus become legend.

"Pleased? More than pleased, Titus! Did you see the crowd? They cheered for you Titus! For you! When you’re fighting in the arena you stand as a God. The arena gives you a chance to rise up above the heavens! And that is what you did today. From this day onward, no one will ever forget your name. When we win this fight, you will be on the tongues of every citizen in Rome! I will reward you with wine and women, any women of your choosing! And Titus, show no mercy. Understood?”

"Yes, Dominus."

"Good. Ready yourself for another battle." Octavius patted Titus's shoulder and looked him in the eye. With a voice like ice he said "None of his gladiators live. No matter if they give the sine missione, they die. You will kill all of them." And with that Octavius left Titus to go back into battle.

When he arrived back to the balcony he saw Sextilius still furious. At an attempt to further enrage him he went over to Liviana and kissed her, surprising her. He grabbed the back of her head and continued to kiss her, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Her scarlet lips tasted like the honeyed wine that she was drinking, her golden hair smelled like sweet perfume, and the combination of both intoxicated him. Her silky skin against his made him kiss her harder, and they moaned in each other’s mouths. It seemed like hours before they finally ended their embrace. Octavius and Liviana looked over to see Sextilius staring at them, his mouth open in astonishment. Liviana blushed, quickly looking away and taking a sip of wine while Octavius laughed and said “I accept your wager.”

The End

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