First Blood of the DayMature

WARNING: Will definitely contain strong language, violence, sex, and nudity.
This is not meant to be 100% historically accurate. This is supposed to be a work a fiction and entertainment, so please take it as such.

The crowd roared with delight as the first blood of the day was spilled upon the sands of the arena. Two gladiators were fighting to the death, one of the house of Octavius Crassus and the other belonged to the house of Sextilius Bassianus. Octavius's gladiator was as skinny as a stick with absolutely no skill with a sword, while Sextilius had all of his men trained equally. All of his gladiators had the exact same skill level, and that's what Octavius wanted to exploit.

"Octavius, your man doesn't look very skilled. My man on the other hand has had extensive training with a blade. No doubt he will cut your man to shreds" Sextilius said with a sly tone. 

"Do not count yourself so lucky yet, Sextilius. Remember that we have coin on today's games. You think I would allow my men to fight unprepared?" And at that moment Sextilius's gladiator lopped off the head of his opponent. Blood sprayed out of the wound and onto the sands and the crowd screamed. Women flashed their breasts to the winning gladiator while he picked up his foe’s head and threw it into the crowd. 

From the balcony where Octavius and Sextilius were watching Octavius feigned anger and said "The Gods shit on me this day! My men must not be as prepared as I thought they were. If I lose this match they each get twenty lashings and a fourth of their food rations!" But Octavius knew he would not lose.

“Twenty lashings? You best get whip within fingers reach then.”

“Confidence fucking oozes from your pores. You think the battle is over before it has begun? I raise the wager to thirty denarii. Do you accept?”

“Accept? Not only will I accept, but I’ll make it forty denarii!”

“You have a fucking deal.” Octavius said while they shook hands. Octavius tried his hardest not to burst out laughing. Sextilius fell for the trick so easily it was unbelievable. He is new at being a lanista and it showed. No one in their right mind wagers forty denarii unless they are absolutely sure they will win, and definitely not after the first fight of a five match game.

Octavius’s wife Liviana was sitting right behind Octavius in the balcony. She leaned in and whispered in his ear “Forty denarii? You’re sure we’ll win this fight?”

Octavius replied “Liviana do not worry. This little shit wouldn’t know when he’s being played if he was a board of Latrunculi. Besides, no one knows about our champion yet. You mustn’t forget I’ve been training him in secret for a long time.”

“Ah yes. Titus is his name. Are you positive he’s ready to fight? He has never been in a real fight in the arena before.”

“That is true but he has defeated every single fucking slave I have paired him with. And I didn’t purchase weak fighters either, Liviana. I purchased them highly trained from the best lanistas, and Titus killed them all. Trust me, darling, we are going to earn our denarii back, and then some.”

Two slaves walked into the arena with hooks in their hands. They buried the hooks into the dead man’s feet and pulled him out of the arena, smearing the sand with blood. While they were disposing of the body, Octavius’s champion gladiator, Titus, readied himself for battle. He wielded two swords as do all the champions of the house of Octavius Crassus. He took a deep breath, asked the Gods for strength and courage, and as the gates opened he stepped onto the sands.

The End

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