-✧-Got Spunk-✧-

Besides this, I agreed to meet her at the bakery by four thirty as we walked across the aluminum floor. I secretly decided that she could just work the cash register for safety reasons. Liz instantly snapped back into her usual peppy attitude by animatedly reenacting her first conversation with Jeremiah, which involved him inviting her and a few others to a party during physics. My hands tightened around the red plastic binder I carried on my chest. Though I pretended to be happy for her, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat jealous. She was the pretty one, the girl who was voted as sophomore and freshman homecoming princess. Liz didn’t need to try at all in order to catch a guy’s attention. Not that I wanted Jeremiah to notice me or anything.


When we reached the parking lot I could feel my annoying wavy black Italian hair I had inherited from my mother start frizzing from the humidity. Liz and I parted ways; I fished out the keys to my old white camery and had to unlock the doors manually. As I was about to pull in line for the exit, a huge hummer screeched in front of me, nearly pulverizing my pitiful little camery like a crushed can of pop. I gaped at the jeep, leaning forwards to see who the mental driver was and to my uttermost surprise; Jeremiah Woods was at the wheel, the rest of the car crammed with a bunch of well known jocks roaring with laughter like a pack of idiotic hyenas.  


Glaring straight ahead, refusing to give them any form of satisfaction, I carefully pulled into the lane next to the roofless hummer. I tried ignoring them but their booming music rattled my car and made my ears bleed. Out of curiosity, I glanced up to see Jeremiah motioning for me to roll down my windows. I couldn’t ignore him now. Gruffly I rolled one down and let in a tide of screaming rap.  


“What the HELL Conner!?” He shouted over the song.


At that point I lost it---


“Oh yes, I am SO sorry for driving over one hundred miles per hour in a freaking SCHOOL PARKING LOT!”


He sat there wide eyed, mouth moving wordlessly up and down like a fish. Before he could collect his thoughts to make another cheeky remark, the neon yellow beetle behind me honked. The passengers of the hummer recovered from my unexpected reaction and laughed and jeered at my cluelessness. Red faced and fuming, I huffed and drove up the lane and out of the school zone. I was going to kill him. 

The End

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