Seconds later she took her wand out, and pointed the green, snake like wand up high in the sky and began to mumble
lots of words from her mouth and then blue flashes flew out from her wand and swirling between the blue flashes
was little red sparks. Then just as the voice began to shout more abusive words towards the shadow, it stopped shouting
and looked up towards the sky with total terror!. Then black and grey smoke came out from the sky and circled the
creature. Screams and cried for help destroyed the quietness of the soothing atmosphere. The girl, at first, looked
sad and hurt but then she whispered to herself. "You made me do this!". and the wind carried her voice
fiercely to the creature that lay on the ground hardly moving, barely breathing. Her innocent voice went straight
through the creatures head and through its entire body. It's heart felt as if it has broken into two, as if it had free'd something.
and then he moved, breathed or twitched no more...

(continued again if wanted)!

The End

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