The Love That Was Hidden Within The Night.Mature

I havent finished it. I am just posting the first Paragraph to see if ANYONE out there will like it... If so, I will post the Second Paragraph (which is much better)
I done it when I was 14 years old. Hope the start is ok.

The flash came from nowhere. It just appeared out of the darkness in the far away distance.
The shadow that saw it looked up with its piercing blue eyes, in terror. Just as it was getting
its breath back again, it began to do a slight jog, skipping from rock to grass and repeating itself.
Then for a few moments it stopped and put its palm down on the top of itspocket. The shadow
seamed to be scared, but then it soon changed from fear to delight. The shadow once again pulled down
it's hood that was attatched to her long, silk cloak and revealed her beautiful long, fire like hair and she dragged
her hand roughly, like a comb through each strand.
"Hit me back, you coward!" the voice screamed. She paused and then gave a pity smirk as if the creature was
standing 'afore her...


The End

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