Sometime Later.....

There was white, it was blinding.   She squinted in the light.  There were pillars with gold trim; she'd never seen anything so amazing before in her life.  It was beautiful.  In the brightness she saw his hand.  ( Although she wouldn't realize it was him until later).  She placed her small hand in his and he lead her to a podium.  On the podium there was a book, bound by leather and engraved in gold writing.  It read:

Book of Angels

He opened to a page.  So many names were written inside.  It seemed to streach beyond what she could see.  She never knew what all this was about, at least not for sure.  Joy filled her.  This was something she would come to desire. 

He drew her attention to a name in the book.  Just one name.  She smiled when she realized who's it was.  She didn't know the entire specifics of what it all meant but she knew beyond a doubt that it was something so good; something o so good...

She couldn't stop smiling as she stared at her name. 

The End

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