The Love Story

The Ultimate Love Story.....

The images burned in her mind.  Every time she closed her eyes the horor flashed before her.  The blood, the man's face so wraught with pain, and the blatantly cruel torture afflicted upon him. 

After seeing all this over and over in her minkd, tears burned in her eyes. 

She couldn't stop.  Her shoulders rose and fell with each sob.  Everything in the room seemed still.  There was no movement.  Everything was quiet. 

More tears rolled down her face.  Then, she felt and unfamiliar, comforting touch on her shoulder.  It was cold.  She glanced at the window.  It was locked.  She stopped crying, she was still; and soon she drifted into a deep, peacful sleep. 

Only later would she realize what happened that night.  Only later was she to know the man in her dreams, and why he was going through all the pain. 

He was to be her hero.  The man that she would fall in love with and betray. 

The End

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