The love of an orphanMature

Shelby Newton has moved from town to town and place to place because her 'parents' didn't want her anymore. When she comes upon the small town of Carrington, Iowa she meets the one she thinks she is destined to be with, her own adoptive sister, Caroline. What drama, lies and deciet will she have to go through to get the woman of her dreams?

Shelby stared out've the window as the taxi cab she was in rode past the almost barren wasteland that surronded Carrington, Iowa. This wouldn't be the first time she had moved to a new place- it would be the 5th time to be exact. She was going to stay with a couple by the name of Richard and Anna Merryman, whom she had learned had a daughter that was the same age as her. A soft sigh escaped the brunette. Ever since her parents had died when she was 6 years old, Shelby had never been happy. Her adoptive parents could buy her anything she wanted and give her all the love they could muster, but she just couldn't be happy. She just hoped this couple would be different. Within a small period of 10 minutes the taxi cab pulled up to a small ranch style home. The couple and their daughter stood outside of the home and helped Shelby as she got out've the car.

"It's so nice to finally get to meet you, Shelby, we've been excited about this all week." This greeting came from Anne Merryman, who had a very high pitch voice, which caused Shelby to wince. "It's nice to meet you to Mr. and Mrs. Merryman" Shelby stated in her slightly deep, yet feminine voice. "Shelby this is our daughter, Caroline, your both the same age, if I'm correct" this statement came from the deep, manly voice of Mr.Merryman. Shelby held out her hand towards the girl who was about the same height as her, standing at around 5'5. "It's nice to meet you too, Caroline" Shelby said, shaking the soft hand of the beautiful blonde. Shelby was different from most girls. She didn't like guys, she liked other girls which, aka, ment she was a lesbian. She had been in a few relationships before, but none of them, she had discovered, were actually 'the one'.

Caroline smiled at her and shook the outstreched hand before backing up a little. "Come on and I'll take you to our room" Caroline said in her, surprisingly, medium toned voice. It was very... sexy. It just had the sex appeal to Shelby. Shelby shook her head at the thoughts she had. Was she thinking about her new sister in a sexual manner? The thought of doing that disgusted her, so she decided to pretend she had never thought of it. Shelby followed the tall girl with dirty blonde hair into the house and her new room. She sighed and relief as she saw her side of the room. Finally someone ahd paid attention to her file.

In her other houses her room had been painted all colors except for the one she wanted. She specially asked for a purple room and each time had gotten a different color. The first one had been baby blue, the next one green, the one after that yellow and the last one had been hot pink. Did any of those colors sound like purple to you because they sure didn't to her. "Are you hungry or anything? we already had dinner, but we saved you some" Caroline said in a almost purr toward Shelby, causing the brunette to shiver gently. "I'm fine for now, just a bit tired" Shelby said back to the dirty blonde(no pun intended). "Well I was going to go to bed in a few minutes anyway so if you want to go put your stuff in the bathroom across the hall and come to bed that's fine with me" Caroline stated, smiling at the brunette. Shelby nodded and headed over toward the bathroom to get everything set up. Caroline remember she had forgotten something in the bathroom, so she walked across, forgetting Shelby was in there.

The door shut almost as soon as it opened, Caroline's cheeks being beat red. She had just seen a very naked Shelby, who would probably be the image when she was masturbating for awhile. She walked quickly over to her room and crawled in the bed, hearing Shelby come in a few moments later and crawl into her bed. Caroline waited until she heard the other girls slow steady breathing before beginning her masturbation phase for the night.

The End

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