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Words. A wonderful invention. They really are. Words give me a job to do so I am very grateful for them. Without them, I would be stuck. However, as all things can do, they can be abused. For instance, someone can come up to me and say, "You, sir, are the greatest man alive and I bow down to you wholeheartedly." That would be rather nice so I would accept his grace and then sell him off for slavery. But these words which you and I use can be corrupted. The hypothetical example is that someone can walk up to me in the street and shout, "Fat fuck!". I would praise his/her's excellent use of fricative alliteration whilst I slap them...with a knife.

So we have concluded that words can be harmful. Imagine the scene. My first dazzling production to rock Oswaldtwistle at its foundations. I am young, fresh-faced and naive. "Everyone is going to love the originality and ingenuity." BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. Hear that? The sound of rejection by lonely and aesthetically unpleasing people. "No, you cannot do that! Not in this Christian environment!" You get the gist.

Anyway, I was told recently that I was called many things by these pathetic excuses for life-forms. Some names, I admit, I do not know the meaning of. "Controversial" was one; lovely. "Too hot to handle" another; really?! One that stuck out from the rest was "The Anti-Christ". I mean, wow. I would happily take that title now and parade in the streets of Accrington in front of the preachers but at the time, would I? I was a good wee Catholic boy back then and that would have destroyed me. I would have questioned my motives and scurried in a corner. See what I mean?

Okay, last time. I am an atheist. WOW! What a reaction! Put those pitch-forks away! You have no need for those. As soon as I say the word '"atheist", the world implodes. It is all very well being a Christian, a follower of Islam or a Jew but you cannot be an atheist. Oh no, too much. You can preach the Word of God, Allah and the Great Alien in the Volcano but when it comes to Dawkins you are told to "Piss off!" instead of "Please, do carry on."

I am sick and tired of being looked down upon when I proclaim my beliefs. This happened yesterday in a car. I was having an intellectual debate with my dad (a devote Catholic man who knows nothing of my atheism) and the subject of 'miracles' cropped up. He basically said, "How do you explain miracles? Lourdes? Magical Healing?" And I then countered this with: "Every 'miracle' in existence has either been proved by science or will be proved by science in the near future." His response was not a particularly good one.

"Pagan!" he jokingly boomed. Eh? The tree-hugging, crystal-collecting, fairy-believer type?! I was insulted. How could he...?!

"Oh. I mean, heathen!"

Yes, he was joking. I understand that. Still not a nice word, is it? It is basically being derogatory towards a non-believer in the same way my dad hates the word "Pikey". It's not nice to say and should be left in the Victorian times with all the other ignorance. People never really embraced the age of rationalism, did they? Although I still think they should burn witches. One less light-headed fraud in the world, I suppose.

Let's analyse this:

a-the-ism : The theory or belief that a higher deity does not exist.

Atheism is the opposite of theism (the belief in at least one deity) and polytheism (do I really need to explain this?). What is the key letter in this word? "A".

"A-" means non or no. E.g. A-sexual (without sex) or A-typical (not representative of a type).

I am not a heathen or a heretic, I am atheist. Please use the proper vocabulary, folks.

Yes, words are very important. Here is a fun game for you to play. I am going to show you two songs and I would like you to guess their true meanings. Explore the linguistics used:

The Jack by AC/DC

Poker face was her name
Poker face was her nature
Poker straight was her game
If she knew she could get you
She played 'em fast
And she played 'em hard
She could close her eyes
And feel every card
But how was I to know
That she'd been shuffled before
Said she'd never had a Royal Flush
But I should have known
That all the cards were comin'
From the bottom of the pack
And if I'd known what she was dealin' out
I'd have dealt it back
Okay, got the idea? Answer revealed after the second song: think it through.

I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles

Well she looked at me, and I, I could see
That before too long I'd fall in love with her.
She wouldn't dance with another (whooh)
When I saw her standin' there.

Well, my heart went "boom,"
When I crossed that room,
And I held her hand in mine...
Well, we danced through the night,
And we held each other tight,
And before too long I fell in love with her.
Now, I'll never dance with another (whooh)
When I saw her standing there
Obviously, the literal meanings of the songs are incorrect. "The Jack" is not about a game of poker nor is "I Saw Her Standing There" about love. You may think that but I am afraid you are wrong. These two songs had to go through musical censorship at one point. They have go through all the formalities and regulations and if anything is untoward, they are not published.

Words are very important, especially our choice of words.

The Jack by AC/DC is about the STD gonorrhoea.

I Saw Her Standing There is about the usage of marijuana.

These bands chose their words very carefully to get their message across. So please, you can have an opinion and I respect that. We are ALL entitled to our opinions. If you decide to express them to me, especially if the subject is sensitive, then chose them wisely to avoid upset and distress.

The End

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