The lost tresure of gaga!

2 children pretend to be pirates and tumble upon tresure but are lost then this wolf helps them.

Hi! I'm johnny and this is my diary! I am sat here with my best friend(and girlfriend) Hannah. We have been best friends since we were in our mums were in help the pregnant! I'm 13 years old and Hannah is 14(just!) So there we were in my bedroom when my sister comes bursting through the door complaining we were making to much noise!! we were only wispering!! My sister is called Joline and she is seventeen and fretting about her mock A levels. I also have a brother called Will.They are twins so you can guess how old will is.Any way so i told my sister ever so politley"Get lost Jo!" then she ran out crying. I MEAN HOW EASY WAS THAT! 

The End

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