The Lost Tornado

The Lost Tornado
Our novel is about five children who escape school, in hope of survival after a tornado. They battle through debri flying at high speeds, looters, and last, but not least, the tornado that goes through the once beautiful streets where they used to hang out.

                                                                          The Lost Tornado 


In perspective of Lev


It was a cloudy day in Hope City. Everyday Dallas, Alice, Jason and I walk to school. Me, Dallas and Alice walk to Jason’s house. We get to his front door and ring the bell. Jason’s mom appears once she opens the door, she says that Jason is eating his breakfast and will be out in a second. Me, Dallas and Alice sit on Jason’s porch talking about how much we do not  want to go to school. “Wouldn't a day off be nice?”, Alice says. So when Jason is ready, we walk to school. Once we get there, we enter the cafeteria and get our breakfast while Jason heads to class since he has already eaten. Our first period is science. Dallas jogs ahead as science is his favorite period and today we get assigned our new groups. We all sit down in our assigned seats, when Mrs. Steinfield reads out the list of groups. “Dallas, Alice, Lev and Jason are in a group”, Mrs Steinfeld says. We all say “Yes!” in unison. The rest of the day goes by fast. That night I    have a dream about my family disappearing and I had this utter feeling of despair and loss.  Then I woke up.



Today seemed like any other day.  I met my friends at the corner and walked to school. Once in science, Dallas and I talked about ideas for the project. Then we heard a loud crash as wind rushes in and the building collapses on us all at once, and all of a sudden, I heard a tornado hit. Its speed, its power, its like going skydiving without rubble flying towards me at high speeds. The tornado swept right through the building. Then I heard a noise and the rubble moved where Dallas, Alice, and Jason were standing. They helped me up and told me that the whole town has been destroyed and all the people they’ve found are either dead or dying.

May, 13, 2024

We decided to go to our homes to see the complete destruction. Our families are dead, our houses destroyed, and looters roam the streets. I fell to my knees and cried.  I’ve have lost it all, and my friends have lost it all. We sat in the rubble for a good hour in despair.  All that is heard is crying and the fire in the rubble which roars like a lion in my head. My ears were ringing and coming at me all at once. I cupped my hands against my ears and laid on the ground crying.


May, 14, 2024

We finally decided to leave the rubble to find shelter, because our homes were destroyed and the thought of our families death brought tears to our eyes. Eventually we found shelter. It was an old gas station. So we began to find food. In total we found 4 bags of Doritos, 3 Dr. Peppers, a Coke and a box of water. I figured that if we rationed all of this food we could probably survive about 3 weeks if we got lucky. There was also the chance of looters robbing us and stealing all of our food, which in that case we're going to die.”Are we gonna die?”,asked Alice


May 15, 2024


So far so good, other than the fact that my family is dead, and my house is destroyed. No looters, no massive tornado, just panic, and a sense of insecurity. All of a sudden Dallas decided to bolt. “Dallas, we have to work together. You can’t survive on your own!”, Jason says. I run as fast as I can to catch up to him and talk some sense into him, but he’s simply too fast. So I stop to catch my breath, and that look in his eye, the helplessness of his tone. It makes me think once again about my loss, but I can’t think about that right now. When I walk back to the gas station, Alice is on the ground in a ball rocking back and forth whispering to herself in a constant loop, “Dallas is going to be ok. I can do this”. While Jason paces to one part of the store to another. “D-d-dallas…. H-h-he took the c-c-coke, the three Dr. Peppers and the bag of Doritos”, Jason said as he breaks the silence.  “Now that our supplies are dwindling, we now will probably last about.. Hmmm….. A week or so”, I say.


May 16, 2024


I begin to regret my last words to my parents. I ended with an argument. I left school without giving my parents a hug or a kiss.  I just walked out of the house with a bad attitude. I got mad about me not being able to go on my yearly summer camp. My parents said they couldn’t afford it this year. So I said “I hate my family”, and stormed out. That argument didn’t end with a sorry, it ended with their deaths. It keeps sticking in my brain, like a magnet that is stuck to the refrigerator. I decided to push the thought away and analyze the situation, and what we should do after Dallas decided to leave us and take our supplies in the process. “We need to leave to find more supplies”, I say. They both nod and we set off after we pack up our supplies. That is, until I spot a group of about five people coming our way. The one in the middle has a baseball bat, the one on the right a gun, and the three on the far left have knifes and machetes. My first instinct is to run, but I am frozen. I can’t move. Fear has overcome me and all I can feel is panic.  I overcome it and run, but suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder. I fall to the ground when I see that my shoulder is bleeding out. I then let out a blood curtling scream…

May 16, 2024


I wake up with a bandage wrapped around my shoulder and my hands and legs in binds. To my left is Alice and to my right is Jason, both in the same condition I am, except with no bullet wound. There is a fire in front of us with a piece of meat on it, which is being turned by one of our captors. He watches us like he is merely babysitting. Occasionally he offers us food or water with hardly any personality behind his hospitality. All of a sudden, I hear something that sounds like a helicopter. The door is broken down and in comes a stampede of officers with guns and riot shields at their disposal, in case of an outbreak. All of our captors drop their weapons and put their hands behind their back, as they realize that they are outgunned. The police quickly untie us and take us to a van that has many other kids besides us inside. Unfortunately, we do not find Dallas anywhere despite our efforts to find him.

We are taken to a warehouse, where the police hand us off to an “agency that takes care of children”, they say. I feel like an unwanted package, no rightful place and nowhere to go. When we finally get to the place we need  to, they put us all in one giant room. They call us each one by one in alphabetical order into a smaller room.  Once we get into the room, a man with red hair, nice suit and a briefcase waits inside for me to be seated. “Levi Caldwell?”, he asks. “Yes”, I respond.   


“We will be moving you to a safe area, maybe even a new city or state. You will then be assigned a new family or put into an orphanage. “Your choice”, the man says. “I do not wish to be put into an orphanage or sent to a new home. I want to stay here”, I said.  “Well then, I am left with no other option. I am assigning you to a new home in California”, the man said. “I want to stay here. I don’t want to go to a new home where no one knows me” I mutter “Where will my friends go? California?”


“No” he says with a weary look on his face as if he just wants this conversation to end. “They will be assigned somewhere else.”


“That is so messed up!” I clench my fists in anger “If you're going to move me away to a foreign place, at least I want to be with someone I know!”


“You’re going to California. That is final, there is no other option.”

The End

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