Chapter 2 Part 2Mature

Chapter 2: Awakening Part 2

Suddenly, I felt the urge to test the limits of this cord, and discovered that by the power of thought, I could travel as far as I wanted to. I surveyed the chamber I was being held in, and saw what looked like a door in a far corner. I told myself to investigate this door, and in an instant, my body rushed and slammed into it. Wee, this is so much fun, that didn't even hurt, I said. Suddenly, I heard strange voices coming from the other side of the door. As they drew closer, I noticed they were the same voices I heard at the moment I drew my final breath. The door began to make a series of clicks, like the sound of a winding clock. With one gut-wrenching noise, the door flew open so fast that I could've sworn I saw pieces of it lying on the floor. As the people entered the chamber, they passed right through me. I freaked out, lost my focus, and snapped back into the middle of the chamber. What sick game are you people playing? I shouted. They were silent. I watched as more people entered the chamber, and started forming a circle around me. Once the circle was completed, I started hearing the same damn chanting again. I saw one of them take some sort of key card thing out of their pocket and break from the circle. The person walked over to a pedestal at the far corner of the room, inserted the key into the pedestal, and the whole room came alive. The walls started clicking just like the door had, and then the walls started moving towards me. As the walls were moving closer to me, they started breaking off into smaller pieces. The people stepped through the slits of the walls and I started to panic as the walls were getting so close to me, I thought I would be crushed. The walls stopped just short of crushing me. The person at the pedestal pushed a button and the wall pieces started humming and moving in a circle around me. As they picked up speed, the pieces turned into cylinders and converged into one all around me. What's happening to me? I shouted. Nobody heard me. The sound of the walls was deafening. I could feel myself floating upwards uncontrollably. The ceiling then exploded downwards revealing a spiraling vortex that I was being sucked into. This is it, I'm entering into my final resting place, I thought to myself. 

The End

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