Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2: Awakening Part 1

I heard faded voices in the distance. These voices spoke a language I've never heard of before. It was beautiful and poetic, and at the same time, it was horrifying. The voices called to me, saying; kaos makah itaka lor inos. I tried to reason with these voices. I tried to express that I didn't understand. The voices gradually became louder as these voices gave way to hazy silhouettes of what looked like people. It seemed as if the voices were almost chanting. Kaos makah itaka lor inos, Kaos makah itaka lor inos. Like the steady beat of a drum, the chanting continued until, I heard a shrill voice that I presumed to be a child's voice. This child spoke with the same horrifying clarity as the rest of "them." I assumed this child must be female. My assumption was correct when I heard her say; Oko, kaos makah itaka lor inos? I wondered if the male figure standing next to her was her father, or some other type of guardian. As I began to dwell on these thoughts and images of these people, I felt my consciousness slowly drifting into a deep slumber.

When I awoke, I was no longer near the massive light. Instead, I found myself floating in a chamber. The voices and the figures of the strange people were no longer around me. I was alone. I decided to take this time to observe my surroundings. First of all, why the fuck am I floating, I thought to myself. Humans aren't supposed to have the natural ability to fly. As I continued to look around this chamber, I began having a familiar feeling of panic. Suddenly, I caught the faint glimmer of a silvery cord floating next to me. Ooo, shiny object..must follow it now, I said. I decided to follow this cord to see where it led. When I reached the end of the cord, I was shocked to find the body of a deceased girl lying on the floor. After more careful observation, I came to a terrifying realization, that the girl lying on the floor was me. Waves upon waves of intense terror flooded my ethereal being. I wanted to wake up. I wanted all of this to go away, but it wouldn't. I knew I was dead, and there was no turning back. 

I began to ponder my new existence. It was one of absolute freedom. I did miss my old body though. I wondered if there was a way that I could give myself a proper burial. I tried moving around the chamber to look for an exit, but I realized that I can only move as far as the cord will allow me to. Was I doomed to stay in this chamber; connected to my old body for all eternity?

The End

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