Book 1: NocturnumMature

Solaris was once a great and prosperous planet with everyone living in harmony, but everything was destroyed when the Symbients came. They brought with them the technology for recreating human existence. Their technologies ranged from cloning, to creating alternate realities. In the elder days, any person that attempted to commit such forbidden acts would be exiled by the S.C.E.S. (Solarian Council of Elder Sages).

Chapter 1: Dark Solace

My name is Sarah Knight. It's been three-hundred years since my ancestors first discovered this desolate planet. Since then, civilization has grown rapidly into what is now known as Phazoid "The City of Corruption." Phazoid is unlike any other city I've encountered in my past years of star travel. Everywhere i looked, the atmosphere seemed to be constantly changing. It was as if I were stuck in the middle of some chaotic dimensional time warp. Imagine the four seasons constantly shifting every five seconds. It's enough to drive any outsider insane. That's the world i live in, the world of Nocturnum. Nocturnum is one of six planets belonging to the S.A.V.A.N.T.S. sector of the Solar galaxy. The other five are Serrenium, Aquasia, Volnos, Arnus, and Terra. Nocturnum is a planet of darkness. In correspondence to the elements, there is light, water, fire, air and earth. 

Every century, a sacred child is born into one of the six tribes of the Makah. The Makah are the ancient race established by the S.C.E.S. There are the Hunoa (Terra), Averius (Arnus), Kitah (Volnos), Galdarian (Aquasia), Luminitra (Serrenium), and Kaos (Nocturnum). It is my mission to seek out these sacred children of the Makah, and teach them the ways of their ancestors, so that they may one day rule over their people and become the true leaders of the S.C.E.S.

It's the year 3611 A.D. Twenty-six years ago, I crash landed on Nocturnum. Back then, the world seemed completely uninhabitable. It was like a decaying wasteland of toxic fumes. I live on the outskirts of Phazoid, in a tiny air-tight pod where i can observe the stars unhindered by the lights of the city. One day i was collecting some data on Serrenium, when i noticed something quite disturbing on the other side of the window, something shady. Just then, the warning alarm started blaring all around me. Hull breach imminent in one minute. Hull breach imminent in one minute. "What the hell is going on?", I said. As I'm panicking, trying to turn off the alarm, the air lock suddenly malfunctions and i'm sucked out into the atmosphere without any protective gear. At that very moment, I realized I was on the brink of a very excruciating and painful death. What happened next, is nothing short of amazing. There was a brilliant flash of ethereal beauty unknown to mankind. I was absolutely convinced, that I had already died. I saw the light again, but this time, it started flashing faster. It was like an engine roaring to life. I stood there in awe, paralyzed by the exquisite beauty. The light continued to flash until it was almost blinding. Subconsciously, I started walking toward it, like a moth, driven to a flame. My body had the compulsion to want to touch it. At that moment, I was too naive to care whether it was dangerous or not. My child-like curiosity took over, and with one swift movement, I rested my hand where the light was. It wasn't just a light, it was a solid mass.

Out of the corners of my eyes, I noticed swift shadows in the distance. I was on high alert. Fear struck my heart, like a broken guitar string that was wound too tight. I inhaled quickly, only to remember that my protective gear was still inside my pod. I started gasping for air, but none came, only poison. The pain slowly crept through me, scorching everything it touched. Every inch of my being screamed as I wanted the pain to end. Soon enough, my body was granted the wish it requested. One by one, I started losing feeling in my toes, as the numbness slowly made its way up my body. Fear once again struck out, and my heart was pulsing so quickly, it felt like it would punch a hole through my chest. My arms and legs were the next to go. Completely paralyzed, I was too afraid to make any effort to move; too afraid to die. Then the inevitable happened. My body finally started relaxing and giving up the will to survive. As the rhythm of my heart began to slow, I knew I was on my way to a better place. With my final breath, I made one final effort to cling to life, then it was all over. My consciousness faded from existence.

(We were once born of darkness, and one day, we must return).


The End

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