Alas! Thomas...

Thomas went out. He didn't care for the man inside who was dieing. 

Before he die, Mr. White made a call, a Mr. Forrest attended it. 

"Forrest... Forrest... listen to me..." There was an anxiousness in White's voice.

"What happened Mr. White? Are you okay?" Forrest cried out.

"Forrest, Thomas has given me poison and left me to die. I'm gonna die at my home. He opened my safe and... "

"And what?"

"You have to stop him. Call the police! He should be going to the airport. He said he wanted to go to Mauritius."

White was lying on the ground, but looking happy. He said, "Alas! Thomas, your trip is cancelled."

Within half an hour, the police came at White's but he was dead by that time!

The End

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