Jeremy keeps fading in and out of consciousness. He tries to scan the room to identify his location, but his vision is blurred. All he can make out is there are three men, one of which sounds familiar.

"Oh look, he's awake..." Perkonson said sarcastically. "Don't worry Hardy is fine he just took a bullet to the arm. He'll need a few stitches.

Jeremy tries to wiggle loose, and then notices he's tied down.

"What do you want from us?" Jeremy shouted.

"What do I want form you?" Perkonson asked. "Well I am a spy for the Russian army. I had to pretend to be your friend during high school. Then, you’re going to laugh at this; I had to help kidnap you."

“Just answer the question." Jeremy’s voice commanded.

"I want revenge, Jeremy for all of those years of high school, just following you around. The all mighty; popular Jeremy, always getting what he wants." Perkenson screamed." Now how's that working out for you?"

Another man walks into the room. Jeremy had full gained consciousness now. The man was whispering something into Perkonson's ear. After that he walked out. Perkonson untied my legs and blind folded me. We walked for quite a while until we came up to another door. Perkonson walked in and sat me down. He re-tied me up, and then he removed the blind fold.

"Jeremy, thank god it's you." said Hardy in a shaken voice.

"Shut up, you guys are popular now." Perkonson said. “Well, going to be. When the troop notices we haven't come back yet they are going to search for us. They will find three dead soldiers thinking they are us and plan an attack. Well, have fun.

Perkonson walks out and slams the door behind him.

"What happened to you?" asked Jeremy.

"After they shot me, Perkonson hit you from behind with his gun. Then they blind folded me. They brought us here. They stitched up my arm. The bullet went right through, and I have been waiting here for a while. I should have seen it coming.

"No, it wasn't for fault. There was no way you would have seen it coming." Jeremy stated.

"How many guards are in front of the door?"

“There are two or three, why." Hardy asked suspiciously.

“Well because, we are breaking out." Jeremy whispered.

The End

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