on the run

As we scouted the lonely night for a place to set up camp, all the sudden we were blindsided by an attack. It all happened so fast, that we didn't even get a chance to see who it was. We raised our weapons and began unloading our clips into the darkness.

It was over faster then it started, and it was silent again. We moved forward assuming it wasn't an attack meant for us, even so we had one man down. Sergeant Stiffler took a nasty bullet to the head. It was with great honor that we served next to him, only to see him gunned to his untimely death.

We put on our game faces, and continued into the mountains determined to find a safe haven for the night. About an hour into our search we found refuge in a nearby cave where we regrouped.

Sergeant Black speaks," It is a great tragedy to lose a great man, but we must not let it cloud our judgment. Let us honor Stiffler's memory and take these bastards down."

There is a sense of unity amongst the troop as we all cheer for the mission ahead. We set up camp for the night, taking turns guarding over the troop.

When morning light came Sergeant Black commands the troop to fall in line.

"Listen up men we must approach the enemy camp with caution, so we need to pull our heads together and focus on the mission," Black spoke with high confidence. "Moving out in ten minutes, lets pack it up."

On high alert we set our in groups of three, which put us at seven groups total. I was paired with Hardy and Perkenson, who I have known since high school. Though it wasn't until we joined the army our bond became unbreakable.

Hardy kneeled behind a big brush just feet from the Russian camp, Perkenson stayed a few yards behind, and I was opposite side of Hardy.

We were scanning the perimeter, when out of nowhere the Russian's were shouting in frenzy. We couldn't make out what they were saying, as it was all in Russian.

We were about to report to the troop that we had eyes on the Russians, and out of nowhere shots were fired. I looked to my right and Hardy had been hit.

I was on my way over to Hardy when I was struck on from behind and I blacked out.

The End

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