Lincoln Nebraska

Emery's POV

         I tucked the kids into bed, and I read them a bed time story. I headed down stairs to finish folding the laundry. I picked up the letter I had received from Jeremy earlier that morning, and read it for the tenth time. It was the last letter he would be sending for a while; they were never allowed to mention their mission's.

I glanced at the photo of him that hung over the fire place. He was a handsome man with his deep blue eyes and jet black hair. He was always strong minded and determined.

He was captain of his football team and graduated with honors. Thinking about how we met made me giggle; it was by accident you know.

We had just moved here from Rhode Island for daddy's job, a regional manager at Dollar general.


It was my first day, and I was at cheerleading tryouts. I was stretching, and preparing for my routine outside on the athletic field, that’s when our eyes met for the first time. He was running a play, and he went to spiral the ball up left field. Only it didn't make it up left field, but into the right side of my face instead.

He immediately ran over to where I was balled up on the ground in pain.

"I am SO sorry dude," his young voice rang in my ears. Dude I thought, did I look like a dude to him.

He reached for my hand to help me up, but I lost my balance and pulled him down with me.

"Really, Clumsy for a football player aren't we," I protested angrily. I got up and made my way to the gym, I starred at the red welt on the side of my face. It was only my first day of freshmen year and I was already having bad luck.

After classes I waited outside for mom to pick me up, when I heard his voice again.

"Need a ride new girl?" he laughed.

"I don't think so Jock boy," I beamed back.

Mom pulled up just in time to save me from further conversation.

"I didn't get your name," he called after me.

"I didn't give it to you," I said as I climbed in the front seat of mom's Lexus SUV.

"Who was that?" mom asked nudging my shoulder.

"Oh just the jerk who plowed a football into my face," I spat.

He attempted to talk to me every day that week; he followed me to every class until I agreed to go on a date with him. We have been together everyday day since then.

It seemed so many years ago, now we had a 10 year old son and a 6 month old baby girl. I was a lucky woman to have been blessed with the perfect family.

I removed my make-up and climbed into our empty bed. The tears soaked my pillow as I longed for Jeremy to return back to me.

The End

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