A letter to home

When a solider is drafted to war, he leaves behind his wife and two kids. In a life threatening mission he is forced to divert from his troop in order to keep eyes on the enemy. Upon his return to the battle field he finds he is the only survivor in his unit. He is lost in a place very unfamiliar and everyone thinks he is dead. It is his last dying wish to find his way back home.

The snow floated to the ground as I looked out into the horizon. I had only been enlisted for three months now, and I missed my family like crazy.

I stared down at the blank page, knowing this was the last letter I would be able to write for a while. So I began to tell them of my journey so far.

           Dear Emery

              I hope this letter find you in good spirits. I am doing fine out here, but I miss you and the kids. Tell Joey to keep practicing with that football, and tell Amber that daddy is trying hard to be home to watch her take her first step. We leave tomorrow for Russia on a mission in which I can not disclose. I can't wait to come how to your cooking and sweet kisses. Tell the kids I love them and I will be home soon.

             Love always your husband


After I finished up with the letter, I heard the guys getting ready for a hand of poker.

"Hey Rhodes, you want in on this hand?" Sergeant Tom Black called over to me. I had been in Tom's unit since I left the training academy. He was a nice enough guy, but took the job very seriously.

"Sure, count me in," I replied back and joined them at the table. We never played for money, it was really the only entertainment we had. After a few hands of loosing I retired to my cot, It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

As I lay there my wife came to my thoughts. I was a lucky man, we got married straight out of school. We had been high school sweethearts, and had our lives planned out. I pictured her long brown hair, green eyes staring into me. Amber had the same beautiful green eyes as her mother, and Joey had blue like mine.

Sergeant Braden Stiffler came charging into the sleeping quarters, and announced some suspicious behavior inside the perimeter.

"Pack it up ladies," his deep voice boomed. Soldiers scattered about grabbing their gear and exited the tent. Once outside we all looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"Congratulations girls, had that been a real live situation you would all be dead," he shouted with some disappointment.

He lectured us for the next twenty minutes on being alert and ready in case of any emergency that might occur.

We all retired to our bunks determined to get some sleep. It seemed like only minutes when I heard Stiffler's deep voice again.

"Let's move out men this is not a drill, our position has been compromised," he commanded.

Beyond his knowledge this was the last night Jeremy would be surrounded by members from Troop 1111. The snow flurries filled the sky as they descended into the frozen night.

The End

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