The Attack of the WanderersMature

Sish gritted his teeth as he tried, once again, to spread his Will over the man standing guard. The blue slowly stretched over the man’s leg, and onward to the torso. So far, it was going good, but this was the easy part. The blue from his Will stretched over the face of his target, then moved to cover his arms. This was where things became difficult. The blue of Sish’s Will moved down each arm simultaneously and made it to the upper part of the large man’s forearms. Yes, this was working!

And then it stopped.

Sish cursed as he let the Will leave the man and breathed out slowly. He had been holding his breath as if it might help him, but it hadn’t. Damnation! What was wrong? These men that had been switching out guarding him were all dressed invery formal clothing with leather padding underneath and large physique. Sish knew that they were the Agents, from what Grave had said, and served as the Heralds personal guard. What he didn’t know was what kept them from being grabbed with Sish’s Will?

Sish shook the chains that bound him loudly, causing the Agent to glance his way. “Let me out!” Sish yelled, his anger building with his cry for freedom. The man didn’t flinch and simply turned back to watch the door.

Sish was desperate now, due to him being locked up for two weeks and forced to eat disgusting porridge and stale bread, so he reached out with his Will and grabbed anything he could find. A small pebble, the Agent’s shirt, and some straw that lay in the back of the cell were lifted. The Agent, instead of flying against the wall like Sish wanted, simply reached back and punched Sish in the gut.

Pain caused Sish to lose focus and he found himself on the edge of consciousness, barely withholding his sight. Damnation! Why was this happening? Why didn’t they execute him already!? Sish hated to think it, but what else was there for him? The Lost God was probably a hopeless cause, despite Sish’s urge to find him, Jim Randus was alive and probably even better guarded, and Kanere had betrayed him.

That last one still hurt Sish badly still. She was the one person in the world who never should have opposed him. Sish had let Randus explain, as he promised, but found him still guilty. Hadn’t Kanere seen that? Maybe she… loved him? No, that couldn’t be it! But, what other thing explains it?

The Agent walked outside the cell, leaving Sish momentarily alone and chained to the wall. It wasn’t long, however, before another of those damnable stiffs would come back, though, and no doubt looking exactly like the last one. Sish prided himself on his natural observation abilities, but even he couldn’t see any difference in these Agents aside from the slight height differences and eye colors. It was if they were cloned and made to be slightly off.

To Sish’s surprise, two Agents came in, one holding a piece of cloth. Well, it had been a week since the last person had visited him. The week before, a Herald by the name of Kera had visited to question him. Sish never saw her face, though, for the Agents covered his eyes with cloth. It was obvious why, too. The cell seemed to be made to echo a lot and the only two ways Sish could use his Will on such a complex thing was to see, feel, or guess it’s location. The Agents were smart and had eliminated all three ways.

Sish was blinded by the cloth and echoing footsteps – that were made heavy to give off some extra noise – announced someone approaching. From the sound, it was someone bigger than the Herald Kera. Damnation! Had they sent an executioner? A bittersweet feeling covered Sish. Death meant release, but death also meant he lost.

“Who are you!?” SIsh shouted angrily, causing the newcomer to jump based on the stumbling sound. They would fear Sish before he was done.

“Oh dear,” the soft voice said, “He is quite the ferocious one, isn’t he?” The voice was undoubtedly male, though it sounded weary and too soft. An elder, then? Maybe it was another Herald? The last one sounded young, but there could be older Heralds.

“Yes, Herald Reoter,” a deep voice said, which Sish knew to be one of the twin Agents that now occupied the cell with Sish and the old man, “We constantly have to halt his Will, else he might try to bash us with straw of a pebble.”

Sish ground his teeth in frustration. It sounded like the man was making fun of him!

“Now, now,” the elderly voice said in a tender manner, “Calm down, young man. I simply want to talk with you.”

“Talk!?” Sish yelled, “Well, why don’t we talk in a better way? I hear you Heralds have a Will that makes the Divine’s own look small! Why don’t we fight and the winner will take his leave alive?” He knew the Herald wouldn’t take him up on that, but it wasn’t his goal anyway. Damnable Herald would fear him!

Reoter laughed softly, like an old man laughing at a kid who had just said something out of ignorance. “I don’t know what you know about us Heralds, but we cannot fight at all. Well, except maybe Donnis, but surely he couldn’t face up to one of the Agents. Thankfully the Radiant God shines upon us and grants us peace from witnessing such a thing. I personally would rather not know…”

Sish tried to zone out, as the man was rambling, but it was hard. Instead, he found himself growing angrier and a headache began to form. The elderly Herald went on to talk about something in his past when Sish couldn’t take it anymore. “Shut up, you damnable stiff!”


Someone to Sish’s left took a step. Sish immediately tightened his stomach and waited for the punch. It never came.

“I do talk a lot,” the elderly voice of Reoter said with a little laugh. He must have waved off the attack. Sish grew angry. Did the Herald think himself to high and mighty to see violence? “In any case, I am here to see if you know who you are, Angry Sish.”

Was that some sort of joke? No, this man’s voice seemed honest, as if he truly believed everything he said to be true and just. That made Sish grow angry, but he concealed it, for once. “What do you mean, Reoter?”

“Well, I will take that as a no. The Radiant God Tojere must have blessed me by giving me another opportunity to reveal truth to the ignorant. Oh, what a glorious thing!”

Sish growled. “Just spit out what you mean!”

Again, there was a step and no punch. The Herald had stopped the Agent once more. Was it really because he didn’t want to see violence? “You, Angry Sish, are what we call a Deserter, as well as the Fifteenth Herald.”

Deserter..? Herald..? Was this a joke? Sish fought the uncontrollable urge to laugh, but it came anyway.

“You do not believe me?” Reoter said in an innocent voice.

Sish’s laughing and chance to answer was cut off as multiple footsteps entered he cell. What in the name of the Lost God was going on?

“Sir, we have to get you to safety!” A rough voice said.

“What do you mean? What is going on?”

“The rebels have advanced upon Fetona from the Plains of Lordra in the South,” the rough voice said urgently, “Captain Soris and a small band of his officers spotted them first, but I fear them to be lost by now.”

Sish smiled widely. Grave, it seemed, was someone he could count on.

The End

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