Betrayal is ControversialMature

Sish grabbed the sword and shield of the captain and, taking the dark-haired man with the items, slammed him against the wall. It was odd that the shield wasn’t hollow, nor was the sword. All the other officers had hollow equipment. Oh well, Sish had more important people to worry about.

Mainly Jim Randus.

What he said sounded too convenient. How could he have known they were mortally wounded!? Sish remembered the night clearly. The officers had not even checked really, just eyed the body and attacked. Damnable bastard tried to defend himself with pretty words.

“I think you are lying,” Sish said, his voice trembling with rage, “So I am going to kill you. Kanere will forgive me in time.

Sish took a step forward, but stopped. Unlike the night before, Jim Randus stood with no fear but resolution. Had he already given up? Why wasn’t he trembling like before? He was going to die! Did that not affect this stiff!?

“Fear me!” Sish screamed at the stiff. He wanted the satisfaction of killing this man while he cowered, not while he stood resolute!

“Why fear you when I knew this was coming,” Jim said calmly, any amount of fear he once had no longer visible, “I have done terrible things and have been unable to save many. Your friends weren’t the first I couldn’t save. Why fight it? The guilt has already drove me to be hard and cruel to the other Divines. I hate them.”

Sish punched the Divine, making him double over, then used a metal rod that lay on the floor to smack the stiff across the face. Sish did it with his hands instead of Will. Somehow it was more satisfying, but Sish lost all of that satisfaction at the sight of Jim Randus’ blank face. He had given up.

“Damnation!” Sish yelled throwing the rod down and backing away. “Why aren’t you afraid to die? Fear it! Fear it like we did on a daily basis!”

The Divine simply stood up straight and rubbed his hair back. It was clear he was used to being in charge. “I do what I can and sacrifice who I must. I know I am not innocent, so why act it? I will admit, I was afraid at first and tried to stay alive. I am not like that anymore. I cannot kill the Fifteenth even if I tried.”

Sish cursed and smacked the man in the face once more, this time sending blood across the fine wooden floor. “What in damnation is this Fifteenth about, anyway!? Some prophecy from your fake Gods?”

That brought shock to the Divine. He wiped his mouth on his fine coat, but did not stand straight again. “In our religion, you are prophesized to save the world from Darkness.” He seemed serious, but Sish was too angry to care.

“I don’t care about your religion and that damnable prophetic crap! I will find the Lost God and free Kanere from you, then I can leave this foul city!” Sish slammed his metal rod into the stiff’s leg. A sickening crack caused the Divine to fall and grit what remained of his teeth. Sish couldn’t help but feel pleased at the site.

“Stop Sish!”

Sish froze, his hand stopping in the air with the metal rod aimed for the downed Divine’s head. Kanere?

She ran from the balcony, tears rolling down her face, and stepped between the downed Divine and Sish. What in damnation! “Kanere! Can’t you see his guilt!?” Sish questioned, dropping the metal rod and gripping the small girl’s shoulders, “He even admits it! I will kill him and exact revenge! I will satisfy my anger!”

She shook her head and started crying more, this time in pain. Sish realized he was hurting her and quickly let go, backing away.

“You are letting anger rule you, Sish!” Kanere yelled, “Why can’t you see he is telling the truth!?”

And then Sish felt arms holding him down. The last thing Sish saw before his world went black was Kanere’s sad face. There was no surprise. She had known that someone was behind Sish, yet had said nothing. She had aided the man who killed their friends.

Kanere had betrayed him. 

The End

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