Soris barely managed to dodge as something small flew by his head.

It had all come to pass, just as Kanam had predicted. Jim Randus would wait for the boy using his precious girl as bait, Sish would find another way in, being a rebel and probably smart despite his rage, and then Soris would have an opportunity to fight the boy. But how did you use a large shield in a narrow hallway, let alone a sword.

Soris managed to come around the corner of the lavish hallway of Jim Randus’ mansion, and finally he saw the face of the Deserter. The anger he usually displayed still, but now lessened and a calm seemed to control it. He was actually thinking the situation through and that worried Soris.

“Sish!” Soris called ahead, hoping the boy would talk to him once more.

That was not to be, though.

Soris barely blocked a flying object he just barely identified as a metal beam of some sort. Whatever it was from, the boy had more of them floating around his back. This was bad. His control was getting better and better. He needed to be captured and soon, but was Soris really the one to do it? The Herald Reoter had thought so, but Soris still doubted it. After all, he had a Lesser Will that could only lift a small rock and with a lot of effort. How could he match someone with a larger Will than even the Heralds?

Words had to be the answer.

“Please, Sish, we can talk this out!” Soris yelled, barely blocking another rod of metal with his immense shield. It was hard to maneuver such a large tool in this cramped hallway.

“Out of my way, Captain,” the boy growled.

Then the world went black.

For a while Soris simply drifted, unaware of what had happened or even what he had been doing. Instead, he thought of Sarah. She had been lost to him a long while back and with her loss, Soris stopped caring about the world. He only acted like he was still the same man to satisfy a promise.

It had been a day like any other; Soris had returned from a patrol and found Sarah in the kitchen of their house in the outskirts of the Line. She looked beautiful, with long golden hair and a strong, yet gentle, face.

“Can you promise me something,” she had said just before he reached her.

“Anything for you,” Soris had replied, meaning it.

She smiled and wrapped her small arms around his waist. “Always be someone others can depend on,” she said with a smile, “Like I do.”

He had promised. Soris had always remembered that he had. He had to be the one that others looked up to and depended on for answers, order, and justice. It wasn’t that he necessarily cared about the people, nor that he cared about his own image, but never would he betray Sarah. She was his world.

Now was no different.

Soris’ vision came slowly back to him. He sat in the hallway where the boy – Sish – had attacked. A pain echoed through his body, originating in his head. Soris checked himself and found a huge welt on his head. Well, this was what he got for taking no helmet when he left to go on patrol.

Standing up, Soris took up his sword and shield once more. Around him lay the bodies of several dozen officers, stretching down both halls. Thankfully, Soris saw they each breathed slowly. The boy wasn’t angry like before at least. Radiant God above, Soris hoped it stayed this way. The last thing they needed was another massacre like the Block.

Soris quickly hurried down the hall to where the open door to Jim Randus’ sitting room had been. Now it was an empty room, save the boy and Jim Randus. Of the serving girl, there was no sign. Soris kept himself hidden for the moment and crept into the room. Sish’s back was facing the doorway.

“..answer now!” the boy was yelling at Jim.

The Divine had noticed Soris crawling forward and seemed to grow calmer, but it was plain to see the panic on the man’s face. Jim wasn’t one to panic either. It worried Soris, but he kept on moving.

“I killed those three as a mercy, Fifteenth!” Jim said sternly, his voice laced with fear, though not consuming it yet.

“A mercy!?” the boy yelled back, his anger seeming to grow every second. When would he blow? “You killed them while they were still alive! They could have been saved!”

“No!” Jim was gaining confidence with each step Soris made. Soris had been forced to sneak on many people in order to keep them from causing harm, sometimes. With no rocks or litter on the clean ground of the room, it was easy to move silently across towards his target.

“They had taken mortal wounds, Fifteenth,” Jim continued, “I only saved the girl because her wounds were minor and I thought you to be dead.”

His argument confused Soris, but he ignored it. It had nothing to do with Soris and he was almost upon Sish. Just a few more steps.

“You could have tried!”

Then, just as Soris was about to grab the boy and succeed in his mission charged by the Herald, he turned.

Soris’ eyes met eyes burning with rage. 

The End

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