Sish prepared to meet with Jim Randus the entire day, though he did manage to take care of a few other things as well.

The first thing, of course, was to visit The Lost God’s Refuge and see if he could get any more information on the Lost God out of Marvus. The round man had not given much more than Sish’s last visit and the bit of information he had given was already known to Sish through other books he had read. The Lost God had a soft spot for the Deserters, if they existed, and thought any action could be forgiven. Well, that certainly helped in Fetona! Powerful Will, great charity toward people who didn’t exist anymore, and forgave everybody! That made for an impossible person! Damnation!

Sish had calmed himself before moving to his next target: the guard Bunker nearest to Jim Randus’ housing. It was called Korneo Bunker, obviously naming Captain Korneo as the leader, though Sish couldn’t care less who the stiff in charge was. No, Sish focused on sneaking in and looking and any reports he could find. This was proven easy and Sish was able to find out Grave had moved some of the Nomads again and that the incident the night before at the Randus housing was not reported. Well, hopefully it wasn’t.

Sish finally finished by trying to visit Kanere. He had a knack for sneaking, but Sish could never seem to find a clear path into the house of Jim Randus. There were simply too many guards. Growling in frustration, Sish realized he would have to wait until nightfall.

The night came soon, as most of the day had been spent talking to Marvus and sneaking into the Bunker. It was a cloudless night and a bright nearly-full moon illuminated the large house that Sish now crawled along. He used a different path this time, not taking chances with a man as powerful as Randus. The damnable stiff probably set traps and would not give Sish an opportunity to grab ahold of him with Will. Sish was prepared, though.

In his tattered cloak was a pocket he had stitched in earlier in the day after his talk with the barkeeper. Inside that large pocket were metal rods. They were mainly used for the engineers who were studying electricity. Apparently metal rods were important, but they had plenty. Sish would return them anyway. Well, maybe he would.

The darkness cloaked Sish’s movements well and soon he was standing above the balcony he had attacked Jim Randus on the night before. This night, however, a small figure stood in his stead. It only took Sish a moment to recognize Kanere’s fragile form. Damnation! Was that bastard using her as bait, then? Sish thought the situation through. Despite his boiling rage, Sish knew how to strategize. Grave had focused on that and actual combat, rather than general knowledge like old man Kojack had.


Sish shook his head and ripped the memories from the foremost of his mind. Right now he needed another way in; otherwise he could very well walk into a trap. Looking around, Sish noticed another window a little ways down the side of the large house. It was a long shot, but Sish climbed his way down to peer in. Growing up in the Wilds and climbing trees every day had proven one of the most useful things since coming to this damnable city.

Just inside the window, Sish nearly cursed aloud. There was a hallway extending from the window, then turning sharply to the right – toward the room with the balcony Kanere was on – and filling the hallway, facing the right turn, was nearly a dozen men in armor.

It was a trap!

Sish wasn’t surprised though. In fact, he was expecting this. Instead of finding a different route, SIsh had a better idea. How was it that you beat a trap? Well, there were many ways to do so, but Grave always had a certain way he loved. If someone dug a pit, he wouldn’t fall in, but simply find it and dig a tunnel into the bottom of the pit. The trap is still succeeded, in a way, but it’s also ruined.

Sish grabbed all ten of the rods in his makeshift pocket with his Will. It was coming easier now. He didn’t know why, but using Will was easier and easier with each day passing after the Arena… Sish shook his head. Now wasn’t the time to think!

It was time to act!

Sish smashed the window open with his first metal rod, sending glass to the feat of the closest officers. Both men turned just in time to see Sish fly in and two rods about as thick as a thumb smash in their faces. Sish had made a personal promise to himself to not kill any more men. Kanere would be upset if he did. Jim Randus was the only exception, of course.

Three more security officers went down before Sish was properly opposed. It was almost child’s play compared to the Nomads, but Grave had always told Sish most of the Fetona Security officers were pathetic. The captains were the ones he had to fear. Luckily, judging on how easy it was to clear the hallway and several more officers who came with just two of his ten metal rods, there was no captain among their ranks as of yet.

And then HE came. 

The End

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